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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Democrats Are Just Nuts

When I saw this my first thought was the problem of who the next head of the IRS is going to be has just been solved. This is what passes for discourse with democrats .... they will shout you down you names .....use the government to shut down groups opposed to their point of view .... spy on the press .... construct a lie as they did with the death of Chris Stevens by blaming it on a video even going so far as to throw the man who made the video into prison to add weight to their claim it was the video.  If you oppose them you may find some of their groups on the sidewalk in front of your home .... your business or place of employment or both. If you oppose them they will go after your employer or if a business your customers

(Photo Credit: KDKA)
Andy Sheehan
Reporting Andy Sheehan
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Janice Gibbs is a grandmother and was born and raised in Washington County. Although she has no drilling lease on her land, she believes that shale gas drilling is great for the local economy.
“I just think it’s a good thing for our community,” Gibbs said.
When she started posting her pro-gas views on local websites under the name “Proud American,” she was soon shocked at how nasty things got.
First, State Rep. Jesse White allegedly posted Gibbs’ real identity. Then, someone posting under the name “Prouder American” called her an “industry troll.”
Another posting under the name “Harold,” called her an “undereducated yonder,” “dumber than a box of rocks,” “an embarrassment to her community.”
Gibbs has long suspected all the comments were actually posted by White himself.
“I can’t prove it Mr. Sheehan, but hopefully somebody can and stop it because it’s getting worse,” Gibbs said.
And things did get worse. Gibbs was soon under attack by someone posting under a name “Janice Gibson.”
One of the comments said, “Janice Ludwin Gibbs is a local mole for the gas industry propaganda group Energy In-depth.”
“A mole, an Internet troll, I’m getting paid by Energy In-depth. I wish my paycheck would hurry up because I could sure use it,” Gibbs said in reaction to the comment.
Energy In-depth is a gas industry funded organization. When anti-drilling posts appeared on their website from “Janice Gibson” and another from someone falsely representing themselves as “Janice Gibbs” herself, the organization traced them.
The internet protocol — or IP — address of those people came up as the same computer as Rep. White’s state e-mail address.
KDKA-TV investigator Andy Sheehan showed that information to the real Janice Gibbs.
“This blows my mind. I know this was happening, but now to see proof. It’s wrong,” Gibbs said. “Terrible. He’s supposed to represent all of us.”
Sheehan then asked White about it:
Sheehan: It appears that you are posing as the people on the Internet. You’re making up identities. And in this case, you have these posts from a woman named Janice Gibson and the actual woman’s name Janice Gibbs and they have the same IP address as you. Can you explain that?.
Rep. White: I have no comment. Others repeated political and personal attacks put on me by the propaganda wing of the natural gas industry like Energy In-depth and companies that are advertisers on your network.
But while White stonewalled, Gibbs freely spoke.
“I kind of feel violated,” Gibbs said. “Yep, I feel violated that an elected official would go this far.”
Sheehan: This woman is a grandmother and a constituent. Why would you use her name and post things in her name. She feels violated and if it’s not legally wrong. It’s at least ethically wrong.
White: Again, I have no comment on this personal and political attack.
White told Sheehan he has no connection to an anti-drilling website called, which chastises drilling supporters as “whores” and regularly praises White.
However, when Sheehan searched the domain name he found that it also was registered in White’s name.
Sheehan: You told me on the phone that you had no connection with GasRootsPA and here it is registered to you. Would you look at this Jesse?.
White: Again, I have no comment.
Sheehan: You’re not being responsive as a State Representative. I’m asking you to respond to this.
Within an hour after the interview, GasRootsPA was re-registered under another name — Tony Stewart — another fictitious person.
But, the intrigue goes even deeper.
In the past two years, Internet sites have been littered with postings from people named Victoria Adams, Frank Reynolds, Cindy McPherson and others attacking pro-drilling advocates.
Sheehan couldn’t find any evidence that these people actually exist, but their language is strikingly similar to White’s own Facebook postings where he is fond of calling opponents “trolls.”
Cindy McPherson calls pro-gas supporters: “nameless trolls.” Victoria Adams calls another a “gas industry troll” and Frank Reynolds calls yet another an “energy industry troll.”
Farmer Don Roessler gets royalties from Marcellus Shale drilling. He suspects White — using the handle “Prouder American” — has told people to boycott his crops and has called him names too.
“He’s gone on insulting me, insulting my intelligence,” Roessler said.
Sheehan repeatedly asked White if he’s the person behind all of this.
Sheehan: Who is Victoria Adams?
White: I have no idea.
Sheehan: Do you post under her name?
White: Again, I have no comment.
Sheehan: Do you post under Frank Reynolds name?
White: I have no comment.
Sheehan: Do you call people whore and liar under assumed names on the Internet.
White: Again, I have no comment on any of the personal and political attacks.
And all of this just leaves Gibbs sad and wondering:
“Doesn’t he have enough to do representing us? We have enough issues in our township. People need sewerage, people need water and he’s doing this type of thing,” Gibbs said.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HEADLINES ....Obama's Horrible Awful Terrible Bad Week

IRS Official Lois Lerner to plead the 5th – Update: Statement from Issa’s Office

An Office of Inspector General report showed that Dennis Burke -- the former chief of staff for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed as U.S. Attorney for Arizona by President Obama in September 2009 -- lied when asked if he leaked sensitive documents to the press meant to undermine the credibility of ATF whistle-blower John Dodson.
The IG report also said Burke likely leaked the memo in retaliation for Dodson's whistle-blowing, and challenged the credibility of statements he made to congressional investigators. Dodson first went to Congress in 2010 after his own agency and the Justice Department refused to investigate his complaints that Operation Fast and Furious, an anti-gun-trafficking effort, was out of control.

Report: DOJ Seized Records of Five Fox News Phone Numbers



Report: More Benghazi Whistleblowers To Emerge Shortly With Explosive Allegations


A Culture of Thuggery… CBS Reporter Who Reported on Fast & Furious Says Computers Were Compromized by Obama Administration

Via HuffPo, IRS Commissioner Contradicts Earlier Testimony, Says Tea Party-Targeting Was Partisan

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Timeline Of IRS Targeting Scandal

Looks like a duck to me. There is no really good option here for obama and he only has 3 choices 1- stupid ...2 - evil ... 3- stupid and evil .

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Nancy ....Tell Us How That Swamp Draining Project Is Going.

Only the most naive yokel would or could believe that the obama IRS operation was not designed and planned to suppress dissidents and quell opposition from Conservative groups in the run up to 2012 elections. The democrats had their asses handed to them in the 2010 mid term elections, loosing the house, several Governors houses and state houses across the country . So they did what democrats always do to win elections .... they lied ...stole and cheated to win. 

The Nine Lies of Lois Lerner
Notes toward a catalogue

Lie No. 1: Lois Lerner’s apology last Friday was a spontaneous reaction to an unexpected question from an unknown audience member. In fact, the question came from tax lawyer and lobbyist Celia Roady. Ms. Roady has some interesting career highlights: She was part of the 1997 ethics investigation of Newt Gingrich, but, more to the point, she was appointed to the IRS’s Advisory Council on Tax-Exempt and Government Entities by IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman. She is a longtime colleague of Lerner, who is director of tax-exempt organizations. Ms. Roady has declined to comment on whether her question was planted, but it obviously was. The IRS had contacted reporters and encouraged them beforehand to attend the otherwise un-newsworthy event, and it had an entire team of press handlers on hand. So what we have is the staged rollout of what turns out to be — given the rest of this list — a disinformation campaign.

Lie No. 2: Lerner said about 280 organizations were given extra scrutiny, about 75 of them tea-party groups or similar organizations. The actual number of organizations that were targeted is closer to 500.

Lie No. 3: This was the work of low-level grunts in Cincinnati. In truth, very senior people within the IRS, including its top lawyer, were aware of the situation, and had been since at least 2011. The home office in Washington was very much involved in the process.

Lie No. 4: Lerner says that the situation came to her attention through allegations from tea-party groups carried in media reports. In fact, the matter has been under both internal and external investigation for some time.

Lie No. 5: Lerner says she put an end to the practice as soon as she found out about it. In fact, the IRS continued to do precisely the same thing, only monkeying a little bit with the language: Instead of targeting “tea party” groups explicitly, it targeted those groups with an interest in such esoterica as limited government, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc.

Lie No. 6: She says that the commissioner of the IRS didn’t know about the targeting project. While the targeting was going on, Ms. Lerner’s boss was being asked some very pointed questions by Congress on the subject of targeting tea-party groups. He enthusiastically denied that any such thing was going on, in direct contravention of the facts. Ms. Lerner says he didn’t know about the situation, because it was confined to those aforementioned plebs in Cincinnati. But given that this was not the case, her explaining away the commissioner’s untrue statements to Congress is a lie based on another lie — a compound lie, if you will. And acting commissioner Steven Miller was briefed on the situation in May of 2012 — and then declined to share his knowledge of it with Congress when asked about it during a hearing in July.

Lie No. 7: Lerner says she came forward with her apology unprompted by any special consideration. In fact, an inspector general’s report was about to be released, making the matter public.

Lie No. 8: When Congress was investigating complaints from conservative groups, Lerner told them that she could not release information about organizations with pending applications. But her group was in fact releasing such information — to the left-leaning news organization ProPublica, rather than to congressional investigators.

Lie No. 9: Lerner says that there was no political pressure to investigate tea-party groups. In fact, Senator Carl Levin (D., Mich.) repeatedly pressed the agency to investigate conservative groups falling under Lerner’s jurisdiction. What we have, then, is this: Under a Democratic administration, the IRS was under pressure from Democratic elected officials to investigate political enemies of the Democratic party. The agency did so. Its commissioner lied to Congress about its doing so. When the inspector general’s report was about to make these abuses public, the agency staged a classic Washington Friday news rollout at a sleepy American Bar Association tax-law conference, hoping to minimize the bad publicity. Lerner lied to the public about the nature, scope, and extent of the IRS intimidation campaign.

That she has a job today is a scandal in itself. She’ll be receiving an award — for public service! — from the Western New England University School of Law on May 18. An orange jumpsuit would suit her better than academic robes.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Is Going To Leave A Mark

Well you can take it as gospel that you will be seeing a lot more of this woman as soon as silly season starts in earnest. It is pretty much accepted that hillary is going to be running after obama and its going to be an interesting primary season as rumor has it biden and few others on the democrat side are thinking of running as well . One of the advantages the democrats had in the last election cycle was they had no long drawn out weeding out process also known as primaries so obama was able to sit back and watch Republicans eat each other. Well thats out the window in 2016 and you can expect this woman to pop up again and probably starting with the democrats. In any case its going to be a hoot to watch..... oh ....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY HILLARY


Saturday, May 11, 2013


The funny part .... its all true.

Liberals view themselves as good people because they're liberals. People who are outside of that ugly little bit of circular reasoning don't have such a benign view of their horrible behavior. So, what reason could you have to dislike liberals?

1) Only liberals would be cruel enough to pick on kids running lemonade stands without a permit, children putting on Christmas plays at school and the Boy Scouts.

2) Because the closest thing to Sodom and Gomorrah in the modern world is San Francisco and Berkeley.

3) Whether you're talking about cop killers, terrorists, radical Islamists or dictators, all you have to do is say, "I hate America," and liberals start to sympathize with you.

4) Liberals are actually bothered by people who do love America. On the rare occasion when you do see a liberal waving a flag, look for a camera.

5) The same people who voted Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama into office think they're smarter than tradition, the Founding Fathers and God Himself.

6) Liberals might not want to admit it, but the world would have been a better place if Mary Jo Kopechne had crawled up out of that car instead of Ted Kennedy.

7) Only an ass could like Bill Maher, Alan Grayson or Sheila Jackson Lee.

8) Liberals believe in taking money from people who earn it, handing it out as bribes in order to get more power and then using that power to hurt the people that are giving them money.

9) The same liberal who'll laugh at a rape joke about Sarah Palin and then attack Michele Bachmann's family will then turn around and accuse someone else of being sexist for respectfully noting that a woman is attractive.

10) Liberals view hooking people on welfare and food stamps as a core part of their election strategy, which is terrible for the country, shows they have no character and requires more than a little hatred for poor people.

11) The dumbest, most close-minded and mean spirited people in all of politics are inevitably liberals who are convinced they're brilliant, open-minded and compassionate because they call themselves liberals.

12) A policy that makes liberals feel superior and caring that doesn't work and wastes billions is considered a smashing success because they genuinely DON'T CARE WHETHER THEIR POLICIES ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE OR NOT.

13) The same liberal who pretends to be angry about Susan Smith or Casey Anthony will then turn around and give the thumbs up to women who do the same thing to their children via abortion.

14) There's a reason why the average homeschooled kid gets a better education than he would in a public school run by liberals. It's because the kid's parents are interested in educating him while his liberal teachers view public schools as just another way to indoctrinate children.

15) Noam Chomsky is an America-hating creep and to think of him as some kind of genius, you have to both despise our country enough to suspend your disbelief and be largely ignorant of world history.

16) Anyone whose first reaction after a terrorist attack is, "Why do they hate us?" is just an intolerable douche.

17) Liberals talk up Hillary Clinton as the most prominent and important female politician in America; yet her entire political career is based on the fact that she married Bill Clinton. That's actually kind of pathetic.

18) Liberals have been big supporters of slavery, Indian massacres, the KKK, eugenics, fascism, communism and Jim Crow laws. Then, down the road, after liberals finally join everyone else, they try to claim that conservatives still support all the practices that we fought liberals on from the beginning.

19) Liberals think black Americans are inferior to whites, which is why the worst, most crime-ridden places to live in America are inevitably run by liberals. That's acceptable to liberals because they don't think black Americans deserve any better.

20) A liberal is more likely to support a man who murders a cop like Mumia Abu Jamal than cops who want to regularly patrol a bad neighborhood in force to keep the criminals from terrorizing the innocent people who live there.

21) The average middle aged Tea Partier who's going to rallies, talking about the Constitution and calling for reduced spending cares more about "the children" than 99% of the liberals out there who demand that we support one stupid program after the other "for the children."

22) You have to be a horrible human being to be okay with terrorists like Bill Ayers teaching kids at a college.

23) Because liberals are unable to ever admit they're wrong, they systematically ruin and destroy everything they become involved with and then either point the finger elsewhere or demand even more government involvement to fix the problems they created.

24) Detroit – and, yes, liberals did that.

25) Even "liberal Christians" are generally supportive of other liberals who attack Christianity, which is why "liberal Christians" is in quotes.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Is This A Great Country .... Or What ?

And just think of how many like them will soon be legal .... IMMIGRATION  ....reducing boredom one killing at a time