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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hollywood Lectures American On Gun Violence

I love Hollywood perhaps not in the way most folks love Hollywood. Ever since some whack job shot up another school a couple of weeks back I have seen what appears to be a non stop effort by the Hollywood elite and not so elite to push the message that guns are evil. Well a couple of issues I have with this is that for a good many of them they are protected 24 hours a day by people with guns. I suspect if they did get their fantasies fulfilled and guns were banned their security people would still be armed to protect them from the worlds crazies. Well folks those same crazies inhabit our world as well and we interact with these crazies on a daily basis ....everyday. The Hollywood elite interactions with these nuts are infrequent and often with both armed security and lots of money to buffer any interactions. We the masses however don't have those options. So it seems to me they are advocating taking our guns to make themselves safer while reducing our ability to protect ourselves and then there is the below vid. Hollywood in part helped create this monster and it seems that everyone of the Hollywood in crowd has made tons of money promoting gun violence part they created the problem they find so distatsteful and now they claim ignorence as to the cause. Ya just got to love their ability to stick to the script.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Dead

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, coalition forces leader during Persian Gulf War, dies

4 Gunfights .... 5 Dead Bad Guys

The liberals would have you believe that guns are seldom used to protect people from their base and that your gun is more likely to be used against you than a criminal ....BULLSHIT. Yes ladies and gentleman I am plainly saying that our criminal element is likely liberal/progressive/democrat. All one needs do is look at our prison population and the different groups that reside within these facilities and then look at how these groups in the general society vote. Liberals will suggest that criminal seldom exercise their right to vote when allowed ....perhaps that is so but when they do its for democrats. In any case I just wanted to bring you this little U Tube piece its an older piece but I like it.


As incarceration levels have risen in the United States, an ever-larger number of citizens

have temporarily or permanently lost the right to vote. What are the political

consequences of such franchise restrictions for convicted felons? To estimate expected

turnout and vote choice among disfranchised felons, we combine legal sources with data

series from the National Election Study, the Current Population Survey Voting

Supplement, Surveys of State Prison Inmates, and National Corrections Reporting

Program. To assess political impact, we examine two counterfactual conditions: (1)

whether removing disfranchisement laws would have altered the composition of the U.S.

Senate; and, (2) whether applying contemporary rates of disfranchisement to prior

presidential elections would have affected their outcomes. Because felons are drawn

disproportionately from the ranks of racial minorities and the poor, disfranchisement laws

tend to take votes from Democratic candidates. Our results suggest that felon

disfranchisement played a decisive role in several U.S. Senate elections, contributing to

the Republican Senate majority of the early 1980s and mid-1990s. Moreover, at least one

recent Democratic presidential victory would have been jeopardized had contemporary

rates of disfranchisement prevailed during earlier periods.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Insanity at Sherman Hills And Points South

In today's Citizen Voice. It wasn't long ago these incidents would have made the nightly news for a couple of days and been splashed across the newspapers for a week. Today its buried under ....WHATS NEW and largely ignored .

Published: December 26, 2012

WILKES-BARRE - City police responded to the following incidents:
n Three men, one armed with a small firearm, forcibly entered a Blackman Street residence early Tuesday and stole car keys, a cellphone and a wallet. David Moore told police the suspects broke in around 4:45 a.m. and threatened him, demanding to know "where the money is." Police did not say if any money was taken and are still investigating.
n Police responded to reports of gunshots at the Sherman Hills apartments Monday afternoon. Police said a witness saw two men exchanging gunfire around noon. One suspect, described by police as a wearing a white coat, blue jeans and "maybe a red hat", fled toward a building on 332 Parkview Circle. Police said the other suspect was a heavyset man wearing black pants and a black leather jacket who ran into a building on 304 N. Empire Ct. Police said there was no signs of injury at the scene.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1/2 Dozen Turkey Hill / Convenience Stores Held Up Over Last 24 Hours


I caught part of this on my scanner .....later when I went to a Turkey Hill and spoke to a clerk she told me the police had been in and informed them that it was 5 or 6 stores which had been hit. So be careful out there folks. Seems to have been mostly in the Wilkes Barre area

Monday, December 24, 2012

Do Gun Bans Work

This question has been fought over for as long as I can remember. The liberals believe in spite of all evidence to the contrary that they do indeed work. Look to Mexico ....England and Australia to answer the question if national gun bans work.

In England
In Mexico
Guns are Illegal in Mexico
  Don’t bring firearms or ammunition across the border into Mexico.

Don’t carry a knife, even a small pocketknife, on your person in Mexico.

You may become one of dozens of U.S. Citizens who are arrested each month for unintentionally violating Mexico’s strict weapons laws.
If you are caught with firearms or ammunition in Mexico...
  • You will go to jail and your vehicle will be seized;
  • You will be separated from your family, friends, and your job, and likely suffer substantial financial hardship;
  • You will pay court costs and other fees ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars defending yourself;
  • You may get up to a 30-year sentence in a Mexican prison if found guilty.
If you carry a knife on your person in Mexico, even a pocketknife . . .
  • You may be arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon;
  • You may spend weeks in jail waiting for trial, and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, court costs, and fines;
  • If convicted, you may be sentenced to up to five years in a Mexican prison.
Claiming not to know about the law will not get you leniency from a police officer or the judicial system. Leave your firearms, ammunition, and knives at home. Don’t bring them into Mexico.

Some Will Like This


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Environmentalist Governor ..... Tom Corbett

Well while the liberal nuts have been flushing billions down the crapper with all their feel good green energy idiocy, the evil money grubbing gas industry has done what they could not. They have lowered carbon emissions and done so significantly and while ... horror of horror's .... making a profit. Obama's backyard green energy pooping Unicorn has failed to produce results even close to what natural gas has in reducing carbon emissions. Here in Pa, in 2011 Governor Tom Corbett wrangled 202 million out of the gas industry all going to state and local governments a feat democrat fast Eddie Rendell failed at and he has helped in reducing carbon emissions far more than obama's friends and supporters in the green energy scam. To listen to the liberals however Corbett has done us dirty by ONLY  getting 202,000,000. If it had been 500,000,000 they would have been pissed it wasn't 1,000,000,000 they like spending other people's money

A Fracking Good Story

Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. are at their lowest level in 20 years. It’s not because of wind or solar power.

Weather conditions around the world this summer have provided ample fodder for the global warming debate. Droughts and heat waves are a harbinger of our future, carbon cuts are needed now more than ever, and yet meaningful policies have not been enacted.

But, beyond this well-trodden battlefield, something amazing has happened: Carbon-dioxide emissions in the United States have dropped to their lowest level in 20 years. Estimating on the basis of data from the US Energy Information Agency from the first five months of 2012, this year’s expected CO2 emissions have declined by more than 800 million tons, or 14 percent from their peak in 2007.
The cause is an unprecedented switch to natural gas, which emits 45 percent less carbon per energy unit. The U.S. used to generate about half its electricity from coal, and roughly 20 percent from gas. Over the past five years, those numbers have changed, first slowly and now dramatically: In April of this year, coal’s share in power generation plummeted to just 32 percent, on par with gas.
America’s rapid switch to natural gas is the result of three decades of technological innovation, particularly the development of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” which has opened up large new resources of previously inaccessible shale gas. Despite some legitimate concerns about safety, it is hard to overstate the overwhelming benefits.
For starters, fracking has caused gas prices to drop dramatically. Adjusted for inflation, natural gas has not been this cheap for the past 35 years, with the price this year three to five times lower than it was in the mid-2000s. And, while a flagging economy may explain a small portion of the drop in U.S. carbon emissions, the EIA emphasizes that the major explanation is natural gas.
The reduction is even more impressive when one considers that 57 million additional energy consumers were added to the U.S. population over the past two decades. Indeed, U.S. carbon emissions have dropped about 20 percent per capita, and are now at their lowest level since Dwight D. Eisenhower left the White House in 1961.
David Victor, an energy expert at UC-San Diego, estimates that the shift from coal to natural gas has reduced U.S. emissions by 400 to 500 megatons CO2 per year. To put that number in perspective, it is about twice the total effect of the Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions in the rest of the world, including the European Union.
It is tempting to believe that renewable energy sources are responsible for emissions reductions, but the numbers clearly say otherwise. Accounting for a reduction of 50 Mt of CO2 per year, America’s 30,000 wind turbines reduce emissions by just one-10th the amount that natural gas does. Biofuels reduce emissions by only 10 megatons, and solar panels by a paltry three megatons.
This flies in the face of conventional thinking, which continues to claim that mandating carbon reductions—through cap-and-trade or a carbon tax—is the only way to combat climate change.
But, based on Europe’s experience, such policies are precisely the wrong way to address global warming. Since 1990, the EU has heavily subsidized solar and wind energy at a cost of more than $20 billion annually. Yet its per capita CO2 emissions have fallen by less than half of the reduction achieved in the U.S.—even in percentage terms, the U.S. is now doing better.
Because of broad European skepticism about fracking, there is no gas miracle in the EU, while the abundance of heavily subsidized renewables has caused overachievement of the CO2 target. Along with the closure of German nuclear power stations, this has led, ironically, to a resurgence of coal.
Well-meaning U.S. politicians have likewise shown how not to tackle global warming with subsidies and tax breaks. The relatively small reduction in emissions achieved through wind power costs more than $3.3 billion annually, and far smaller reductions from ethanol (biofuels) and solar panels cost at least $8.5 and $3 billion annually.
Estimates suggest that using carbon taxes to achieve a further 330-megaton CO2 reduction in the EU would cost $250 billion per year. Meanwhile, the fracking bonanza in the U.S. not only delivers a much greater reduction for free, but also creates long-term social benefits through lower energy costs.
The amazing truth is that fracking has succeeded where Kyoto and carbon taxes have failed. As shown in a study by the Breakthrough Institute, fracking was built on substantial government investment in technological innovation for three decades.
Climate economists repeatedly have pointed out that such energy innovation is the most effective climate solution, because it is the surest way to drive the price of future green energy sources below that of fossil fuels. By contrast, subsidizing current, ineffective solar power or ethanol mostly wastes money while benefiting special interests.
Fracking is not a panacea, but it really is by far this decade’s best green-energy option.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fast Eddie Rendell Rides Again

There has been a great deal of fuss over our Governors plans or rumored plans for the privatization of  our lottery system here in Pa . So lets look at one of the main players in this effort shall we. Why its none our than Fast Eddie Rendell former democrat Gov of Pennsylvania who stands to have pockets full of tax payers dollars if this deal comes to pass.

Report: Ed Rendell PA Lottery Scheme Scams Taxpayers

Former Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell may be loading his own pockets up with taxpayer money via a privatization overhaul of the PA state lottery system, Breitbart News has learned.

One of Rendell’s lucrative post-gubernatorial gigs is as a “senior adviser” to financial services firm Greenhill and Co. When he was hired in early 2011, firm chairman Robert Greenhill and CEO Scott Bok cited in a joint statement that Rendell’s “broad network of important relationships and his deep experience in government, particularly as it relates to public- private partnerships and infrastructure” as an asset to the firm.

A series of news reports and contracting system change documents show Rendell’s team has manipulated the bidding system via a series of sole-source contracts and insider deals. Rendell's team profits from that system.

On December 6, 2011, Greenhill and Co. was awarded a sole-source financial services contract. The contract was for Greenhill to work with Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s Budget Office to help identify “potential projects for privatization, public-private partnerships, and managed competition” and then help the government actually implement those recommendations deemed worthy.

A February 21, 2012, state government document – the “Statement of Work Number 1” issued as part of the sole-source contract Rendell’s firm had secured with the state government a couple of months earlier – shows that the first such project recommendation Rendell’s team pushed for that Corbett’s team deemed worthy was “pursuing private management of the Pennsylvania lottery.”

The state lottery overhaul involves a four-step process. At the end of each step, Rendell's firm clears hundreds of thousands of dollars. The state treasury published those documents here.

The deal is reportedly lingering right now before the final step – which, if implemented, the local Pennsylvania Patriot News newspaper reports, would land Rendell’s firm an even bigger payday: about $3 million.

The Patriot News notes that “highly paid consultants” crafted the plan as currently structured.

“It's striking that if the state moves forward with privatization, financial adviser Greenhill and Co. will make $3 million more,” the Patriot News reported. “That's a highly perverse incentive in place for consultants to push for privatization, even if it's not in the best interests of Pennsylvania citizens.”

On Friday, the Associated Press estimated the gains for the consultants like Rendell’s firm as much higher – in the “tens of millions.” The AP ripped both Democrats and Republicans involved in the current push for their lack of transparency surrounding this deal, but failed to mention Rendell’s involvement atop Greenhill.

According to the documents published by the Pennsylvania State Treasury, Rendell’s firm actually stands to make as much as $40 million off the deal according to the “success fee” model laid out in their contracts with the state. That means that as the contracting process moves forward and Corbett’s administration implements parts of Rendell’s firm’s plans, Rendell’s team makes more and more money off the contract – as opposed to the contract’s original $150,000 signing fee.

In a separate report, the local Patriot News newspaper argues that both Corbett and Rendell will both benefit, albeit in much different ways, from the current lottery privatization plan.

Arguably, the reason why Corbett would go along with Rendell’s cronyism is because he wants to privatize the lottery by any means necessary because it fits his political worldview.

A report from industry-specialized publication NACS online shows that the British firm Camelot Global Services PA LLC is the “lone bidder on the contract” and expected to win it.

Rendell’s Greenhill and Co. has worked closely with Camelot in the past. As the Patriot News newspaper reported, Greenhill and Co. teamed with Camelot on a $576 million deal in 2010. Greenhill and Co. helped the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan purchase Camelot. OTPP still owns Camelot.

For his part, Rendell has claimed he wanted nothing to do with this contract Greenhill has with the Pennsylvania government. “I said keep me out of it because one, it might be some form of conflict; and two, I’m obviously not the favored person in the Corbett administration,” Rendell said according to the Patriot News.

But Rendell’s firm Greenhill and Co. only makes those millions of dollars if Corbett’s administration gives Camelot that lottery contract. The far left-wing Daily Kos suggests that the former Democratic governor is greasing the wheels behind the scenes. Daily Kos attacked Rendell a couple of weeks ago for his Greenhill work, labeling it “corporate shilling as a consultant – which is just a pretty name for a ‘lobbyist.’”

Rendell has advocated in favor of the deal, publicly, too, even though he says he’s unfamiliar with Camelot’s offer. “If they are offering something that increases the revenue we’re getting now and there’s no risk to the commonwealth and the risk is all on the vendor side, then it’s probably a good deal,” Rendell said.

The Greenhill and Co. managing director running this lottery deal, Rob Collins, has deep connections to Rendell throughout his post-gubernatorial career as well. The Patriot News notes that Collins was the financial adviser to Rendell’s team at Morgan Stanley, the financial services firm he worked at before joining Greenhill, when Rendell failed in an effort to privatize the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

A spokesman for Greenhill hasn’t returned Breitbart News’ requests for comment, or for interviews with Rendell and others from Greenhill involved in this matter, in response to these revelations.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Illegal Immigration ....Fences Work

The United States is not the only nation dealing with the effects of crushing ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION across the global many nation are. The difference is that some nations see the problem as a problem and deal with it accordingly. Israel is one of those nations and one of the cornerstones of their efforts has been fences .... miles of them. Most of us have heard the liberal mantra about 10 foot fences and 12 foot ladders and like most widely held liberal beliefs its idiocy. We can and should close our borders would curtail the flow of drugs and ILLEGALS  into the nation. Illegal Immigration ....Fences Work

PM: Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking Things of the Past

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared the problems of illegal immigration and human trafficking "have been solved.”
At an annual event discussing ways to end human trafficking, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared that the problem of illegal immigration into Israel "has been solved.” With no more than a few dozen illegals managing to get into Israel in recent months, Netanyahu said that for all intents and purposes, his government had managed to put an end to illegal immigration, and with it, the problem of human trafficking.
“Human trafficking, human torture, and murder of children were phenomena that accompanied the parade of illegals that entered the country. From the moment we stemmed this flow, with the intent of stopping illegal workers from entering the country, we were able to stop these phenomena as well,” he said.
“A year ago, there were thousands arriving here, and the rate of arrival was increasing. We strengthened our borders. And last month, just 40 illegals entered the country, and none of them reached the cities. We have halted the illegal entries, and with it the human trafficking crimes that accompanied it,” Netanyahu said.
Netanyahu added that Israel had come a long way in the human trafficking area. “For the first time, Israel appears in U.S. State Department reports among the top countries fighting against human trafficking. For the first time ever, according to State Department figures, not one victim of human trafficking entered the country in 2012. If someone saves a life, [the Talmud says], it is as if he saved the whole world,” Netanyahuadded. “And we have saved many worlds.”

Sunday, December 16, 2012

There Are Some Really Sick Units Out There

Sandy Hook Mourners Forced to Abandon Church After Bomb Scare

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, December 16, 2012, 12:59 PM

Sandy Hook mourners were forced to evacuate church this morning after a bomb scare. reported:
More than 400 Sandy Hook mourners were dealt another trauma when they were forced to evacuate the Newton church they gathered in on Sunday afternoon. The St. Rose of Lima church received a threat which prompted state police to abruptly evacuate attendees at 12:30 this afternoon. When will the horror end for these people?
According to a news report, Monsignor Robert Weiss explained, “Someone called and threatened the church. State police said we needed to evacuate everyone.” Can you imagine the terror those poor children and the parents were forced to deal with a second time in a matter of days? What kind of evil person is stalking these folks?
Police toting guns stormed the church and cordoned it off as grieving community members once again clutched their loved ones close. Children who are still suffering from the Sandy Hook tragedy a few days ago were left crying and clutching their parents. Only a very sick individual would get pleasure out of torturing these poor families.
H/T Gateway Pundit

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unions For The Working Man ....Destroy Working Mans Hot Dog Cart

I saw this and thought ....its what unions do. What really made me chuckle was the liberal media who covered it ...what few who did sought to blame the entire incident on the folks who were assaulted and portrayed the unions as peaceful protesters . It was then that my chuckles turned into outright laughter. Unions have a very long and bloody history and the passage of time has done very little to change or soften their behavior. There is a reason when elected democrats think they need muscle they call on the unions.

The racial slurs the MSM doesn’t want to cover

Posted by    Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 9:12am

Union protesters called hot dog vendor “Uncle Tom” and “N*gger” but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media

I have posted numerous times about the union violence in Lansing, including punches thrown at Steven Crowder and the tearing down of the Americans for Prosperity tent even as bystanders screamed that there were people inside.
You may also have heard the story of the hot dog vendor whose equipment and supplies were deliberately destroyed by the union protesters.
But unless you read conservative blogs and websites, you have not heard that the union protesters shouted racial slurs at the man, including the N-word.
Lee Stranahan at has an interview with the man in which he details what happened.  You can jump ahead to the 3:42 mark to hear about the racial slurs.
(language warning)


Right to Wk 590 LI

H/T Legal Insurrection

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obama Administration Shields Democrat Senator's ILLEGAL ALIEN Sex Offender Intern From Deportation

What kills me is the senator obviously knew he was a ILLEGAL ALIEN  but choose to employ him. Obama's Flying Monkeys kept it from coming out until after the election. In any case I'll wager they will still refuse to deport this sterling fellow. In fact given the history of the democrat party along these lines I can see him becoming one of their brightest stars someday ....much along the lines of ted ( the swimmer ) kennedy or bobby ( white sheets ) byrd ...... any takers ....1 cold domestic beer. And we now know who the next democrat senator from New Jersey will be, with sex offender on his resume he's a lock.

Report: Menendez intern was illegal immigrant and sex offender — and DHS held off on arresting him until after the election

posted at 4:01 pm on December 12, 2012 by Allahpundit

I’m as surprised as you are to find a New Jersey Democrat wrapped up in something so shady. Why, this might well ruin the good name of Bob Menendez.

Imagine if it had come out before the election. He might have won by only 15 points.

The prosecutor’s office in Hudson County, N.J., said Sanchez was found to have violated the law in 2010 and subsequently required to register as a sex offender. The exact charge was unclear because Sanchez was prosecuted as a juvenile and those court records are not publicly accessible. The prosecutor’s office confirmed to AP that Sanchez registered as a sex offender, although his name does not appear on the public registry.
Authorities in Hudson County notified ICE agents in early October that they suspected Sanchez was an illegal immigrant who was a registered sex offender and who may be eligible to be deported. ICE agents in New Jersey notified superiors at the Homeland Security Department because they considered it a potentially high profile arrest, and DHS instructed them not to arrest Sanchez until after the November election, one U.S. official told the AP. ICE officials complained that the delay was inappropriate, but DHS directed them several times not to act, the official said
During discussions about when and where to arrest Sanchez, the U.S. reviewed Sanchez’s application for permission to stay in the country as part of President Barack Obama’s policy to allow up to 1.7 million young illegal immigrants avoid deportation and get permission to work for up to two years. As a sex offender, he would not have been eligible.

Note well: “Several times.”

H/T Hot Air

In thinking about it the good senator may very well have known he was a registered sex offender as well as the senator's behavior in that department leaves a little to be desired but hey the democrats re elected him knowing this so who am I to complain

" A high-level government official from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez and wealthy campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen have been having sex parties on the Caribbean nation for years.

“As far as Bob Menendez is concerned he has a very good life there,” the official said during an in-person interview with TheDC. “He likes sexual things.”

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he fears retribution from powerful people connected to Menendez and Melgen, has direct knowledge of the goings-on at Melgen’s private villa in the luxurious Dominican Casa de Campo resort. He said Menendez travels with Melgen to the property at least three times per year. "

Concerned About Increasing Healthcare Costs ....Relax ....Jan 1, Obamacare Kicks In

Yep folks Jan,1 it starts and by Jan 2 all our health care premiums will have dropped by at least 2500.00. I know that because obama and his Flying Monkeys told me so. I believe them .... don't you. I think the only person who can stop these premiums from falling is George Bush. In fact I am certain that somewhere .... somehow when Bush was president he put in place something that will begin on Jan 3 that will negate all the obamacare savings.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Union Thugs Behaving Like Union Thugs .... Michigan Gov Signs Right To Work Into Law

Well I can't say I'm surprised it is what they do. So I wonder what he is ....a teacher ...fireman ..... cop.... auto worker. In any case the Gov of Michagin signed the bill into law nearly as soon as it was passed. The UAW just took one in the shorts

H/T Hot Air

Our Societal Ticks Are Fat And Happy

Want to see what we spend on that 47 % that Romney spoke of.  I know most of it goes to those who run said programs but bottom line does it really matter who gets it. We know where it comes from. And obama wants to increase spending on these programs .....question .....HOW. Are we going to borrow even more money or is this where that evil rich tax increase going to go.  Remember these numbers the next time the liberals tell you we don't spend enough on our poor. He is keeping his base happy ... I have to give him that.

Total Welfare Spending Equates To $168 Per Day For Every Household In Poverty
Based on data from the Congressional Research Service, cumulative spending on means-tested federal welfare programs, if converted into cash, would equal $167.65 per day per household living below the poverty level. By comparison, the median household income in 2011 of $50,054 equals $137.13 per day. Additionally, spending on federal welfare benefits, if converted into cash payments, equals enough to provide $30.60 per hour, 40 hours per week, to each household living below poverty. The median household hourly wage is $25.03. After accounting for federal taxes, the median hourly wage drops to between $21.50 and $23.45, depending on a household’s deductions and filing status. State and local taxes further reduce the median household’s hourly earnings. By contrast, welfare benefits are not taxed.
The universe of means-tested welfare spending refers to programs that provide low-income assistance in the form of direct or indirect financial support—such as food stamps, free housing, child care, etc.—and which the recipient does not pay into (in contrast to Medicare or Social Security). For fiscal year 2011, CRS identified roughly 80 overlapping federal means-tested welfare programs that together represented the single largest budget item in 2011—more than the nation spends on Social Security, Medicare, or national defense. The total amount spent on these federal programs, when taken together with approximately $280 billion in state contributions, amounted to roughly $1 trillion. Nearly 95 percent of these costs come from four categories of spending: medical assistance, cash assistance, food assistance, and social / housing assistance. Under the President’s FY13 budget proposal, means-tested spending would increase an additional 30 percent over the next four years.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Well Pelosi Did Say You Had To Pass It To Find Out What Was In It

I know its only $ 63.00 per person and it only affects 190,000,000 people and its only supposed to last 3 years ... peanuts right. I wonder who is going to pay this fee. Any thoughts on that folks ?

Obamacare Pre-Existing Condition Fee To Cost Companies $63 Per Person

WASHINGTON -- Your medical plan is facing an unexpected expense, so you probably are, too. It's a new, $63-per-head fee to cushion the cost of covering people with pre-existing conditions under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.
The charge, buried in a recent regulation, works out to tens of millions of dollars for the largest companies, employers say. Most of that is likely to be passed on to workers.
Employee benefits lawyer Chantel Sheaks calls it a "sleeper issue" with significant financial consequences, particularly for large employers.
"Especially at a time when we are facing economic uncertainty, (companies will) be hit with a multi-million dollar assessment without getting anything back for it," said Sheaks, a principal at Buck Consultants, a Xerox subsidiary.
Based on figures provided in the regulation, employer and individual health plans covering an estimated 190 million Americans could owe the per-person fee.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Unions Take Another Body Blow

Well it seems that the home to the UAW will soon be a right to work state. Yes ladies and gentleman in the state of Michigan the unions may no longer be able to force you to become a union member as a condition of employment. In states that have passed these measures union membership has fallen off the cliff pretty much telling me that union membership is akin to slavery .... with a small s rather than a big S. In Wi after Gov Walker passed his reforms unions dues paying members dropped by close to 70 %.

Indiana state workers lost their collective bargaining rights in 2005. While the value to taxpayers remains debated, some outcomes are clear.
The move ushered in a period of extensive reorganization, consolidation and privatization of government services — efforts Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels has said could not have happened so quickly under union contracts.
Meanwhile, union membership plummeted. Prior to 2005, 16,408 Indiana state workers paid union dues out of about 25,000 who were eligible, or 66 percent, according to state and union figures. Today, just 1,409 out of 20,000 eligible workers, or 7 percent, pay dues.
Also, raises are now merit-based, and overall total state employment is down about 6,000 workers to 27,400, mostly through attrition.

Acting swiftly
In Indiana, taxpayers have saved "hundreds of millions of dollars" because Daniels centralized administrative functions, outsourced operations such as food services in prisons, closed facilities and reorganized work functions, said Jane Jankowski, a Daniels spokeswoman.
"These actions were aided by the fact that there was no collective bargaining to slow the process," she said.
On Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show two weeks ago, Daniels, who has been discussed as a possible 2012 presidential candidate, called the elimination of collective bargaining "a profoundly positive event," saying he was freed from arrangements that "basically said you couldn't move a Xerox machine from one room to the other without, you know, the union's permission."

Right to Work Passes Easily in Michigan House and Senate

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, December 9, 2012, 9:51 AM

In both houses in Michigan they passed bills that make Michigan the 24th right to work state.
The vote passed with a six point margin in both houses.

Unions are planning major protests this week against the legislation.
Reuters reported:

Union members and others opposed to Michigan becoming a “right-to-work” state plan major protests in the state capital this week to try to stop Republicans from restricting labor unions in the cradle of the unionized U.S. auto industry.
Right-to-work opponents will begin to converge on Lansing on Monday, organizers said, and they expect thousands at the rally on Tuesday when the state legislature reconvenes.
With Republicans in control of the legislature and the governor committed to sign the laws, Michigan could become the 24th right-to-work state by the middle of the week, dealing a stunning blow to the power of organized labor in the United States.
Michigan Republicans surprised labor unions on Thursday by pushing through the legislature in a day a proposal making union membership and dues voluntary in the private sector. The state Senate also voted to apply that to the public sector, except for police and fire unions.
“Never in a million years did I think that Michigan would ever become a right-to-work state. We are Motown, The Motor City. Michigan was built on unions,” said Libby Brown, president of a teachers’ union local in Jackson, Michigan, referring to the state’s roots in popular music and auto manufacturing.
 H/T Gateway Pundit 

Obama Admits Its Not About Revenue .... Its About Fairness Or Punishment

And he decides what is fair ....or not .... I voted for the other guy.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Wonder Which Of Our Citizens Died .... So He Could Live

December 9, 2012
As an illegal immigrant, Jorge Mariscal waited eight years for a kidney transplant he feared would never come.
His persistence paid off Thursday when he underwent the procedure at Loyola University Medical Center.
After years of uncertainties, Mariscal said he's excited about his future and grateful for the help he received. But he remains frustrated with a health care system that he worries might leave out an untold number of illegal immigrants in need of lifesaving treatments.
"Why can't we be treated the same?" he asked while sitting in his hospital room. "Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity."
Mariscal's treatment is far from over. The pills he'll need to make sure his body doesn't reject the new organ can cost upward of $10,000 a year for the rest of his life. And paying for those, just like the surgery, is complicated by his immigration status.
Although Loyola agreed to cover the costs of the transplant, Mariscal will have to pay for the medicine. He applied for a grant through the Simon Bolivar Foundation, a medical nonprofit, that would help cover his first year of anti-rejection pills. But without health insurance, he expects he'll have to pay for most of his medication.
To get a head start on his future medical bills, Mariscal started raising money three years ago. Together with Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission in Little Village, he has raised thousands of dollars through benefit concerts and other events.
The Rev. Jose Landaverde, pastor of the mission, said he felt compelled by the Gospel to help Mariscal after hearing his story.
"Jorge is a lot of hope for the community," he said. "I believe that the Gospel moves us to be in solidarity with one another."
Aside from his help with fundraising, Landaverde organized a 21-day hunger strike in June against hospitals that denied transplants to patients because of their undocumented status.
Landaverde said that after the strike, in addition to Mariscal's treatment at Loyola, the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center agreed to evaluate Lorenzo Arroyo, another illegal immigrant, for a possible liver transplant. Rush University Medical Center also placed Arroyo's brother, Elfego, on a transplant waiting list. Both brothers suffer from primary amyloidosis, a genetic liver disease.
On Friday, Landaverde led a short prayer at the Little Village mission to celebrate Mariscal's successful surgery. Church member Hilda Burgos bowed her head as the pastor recited his prayer in Spanish.
"I feel so happy for Jorge but at the same time so sad for the Arroyo brothers," Burgos said afterward. "We still have a lot of work to do."

California Soaks The Evil Rich .......Revenues Skyrocket .... LOL .....Just Kidding Folks

So what was it that happened that is driving revenues down in the great state of California ? Could it be that early in November the state raised its state income tax to the highest in the nation. I think its a bit to early to say with certainty that increasing taxes is driving this but it has happened before. If it continues I am going to laugh my ass off. I may even have a T shirt made up that says .... GO AHEAD TAX THE RICH ....  MAKE MY DAY

The following information was released by the California Controller.

State Controller John Chiang today released his monthly report covering California’s cash balance, receipts and disbursements in November 2012, showing total revenues were $806.8 million below (-10.8 percent) projections contained in the 2012-13 State budget.
“November’s disappointing revenues stand in stark contrast to recent news that California is leading the nation in job growth, has significantly improved its cash liquidity to pay bills, and even long-distressed home values are starting to inch upward,” said Chiang. “This serves as a sobering reminder that, while the economy is expanding, it is doing so at a slow and uneven pace that will require the State to exercise care and discipline in how its fiscal affairs are managed in the coming year.”
Personal income taxes in the month of November were down $842.5 million (-19.0 percent). Some of the tax revenue associated with Facebook shares came in during the month of October, while budget planners had projected receiving those funds in November.
Corporate taxes were down for the month, coming in $187.8 million below (-213.4 percent) projections. A portion of this drop was due to higher than expected corporate tax refunds going out in the month of November. Totals for sales taxes were up $99 million (3.8 percent).
The State ended the last fiscal year with a cash deficit of $9.6 billion. As of November 30, that cash deficit totaled $24.9 billion and is being covered with $14.9 billion of internal borrowing (temporary loans from special funds), and $10 billion of external borrowing

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Detroit City Councilwoman Tells Obama She Wants Her Obama Phone .....NOW

Remember Romneys 47 % remark ....lets meet a member of that 47 % club

Who Destroyed Detroit

Detroit's Destiny

Remember the time you were in class and knew the answer to a question posed by your teacher, but didn’t raise your hand out of fear you might be wrong? Or the time you had a crush on a beautiful girl, but were too afraid to ask her on a date because she might say ‘no’?
Well, we are reaching the political equivalent of that moment—where that self-induced fear and trepidation which precludes us from doing what is rational and natural because of the negative consequences we perceive could arise from such action—with the impending financial collapse of Detroit.
“Impending” is the wrong word. “Imminent” would be, too. “Inevitable” is the apt word.
Why the insolvency of Detroit has been an inevitability now must be stated, because others will raise their hand and supply the wrong answer. The American Thinker will try and blame Democrats and Unions without mentioning that America’s most livable big city, Pittsburgh, is filled with both.
Free Republic won’t allow anyone to even mention the word “Black” in the strange color-blind world the owners of that site have cultivated (with a religious zeal and intensity normally seen in a cult).
Beloved conservative economist Thomas Sowell can state it is due to “liberal social policies,” without acknowledging these same policies are in place in cities that attract corporate investments, like Portland, Seattle, Boulder, and Denver. Others will state that a city under “total Democrat hegemony” for 50 years was bound to collapse, maintaining a desire to stay color-blind even in the face of economic Armageddon.
Michael Barone, famous for stating that Hispanics will save the Republican Party, was in Detroit during the Black riots of late July 1967, still the worst riots this nation has ever seen. He wrote an article for the American Enterprise Institute stating how his politics were shaped by this event. Considering that he advocates the continued mass immigration of a people who in 2006 marched in major American cities waving the Mexican flags defiantly, we have to wonder what exactly Barone learned.
The Weekly Standard published Matt Labash’s ode to Detroit’s collapse back in 2008, where he only in passing pointed out the racial significance of a city’s collapse. (In 1960, Detroit was 76 percent White. Though at the time Blacks represented only 24 percent of the population, there were responsible for 65 percent of the violence crime there):
Somewhere along the way, Detroit became our national ashtray, a safe place for everyone to stub out the butt of their jokes.
It happens, though, when you're from Detroit. In the popular imagination, the Motor City has gone from being the Arsenal of Democracy, so named for their converting auto factories to make the weapons which helped us win World War II, and the incubator of the middle class (now leading the nation in foreclosure rates, Detroit once had the highest rate of home ownership in the country), to being Dysfunction Junction. To Detroit's credit, they've earned it.
How bad is Detroit? It once gave the keys to the city to Saddam Hussein.
Over the last several years, it has ranked as the most murderous city, the poorest city, the most segregated city, as the city with the highest auto-insurance rates, with the bleakest outlook for workers in their 20s and 30s, and as the place with the most heart attacks, slowest income growth, and fewest sunny days. It is a city without a single national grocery store chain. It has been deemed the most stressful metropolitan area in America. Likewise, it has ranked last in numerous studies: in new employment growth, in environmental indicators, in the rate of immunization of 2-year-olds, and, among big cities, in the number of high school or college graduates.
Men's Fitness magazine christened Detroit America's fattest city, while Men's Health called it America's sexual disease capital. Should the editors of these two metrosexual magazines be concerned for their safety after slagging the citizens of a city which has won the "most dangerous" title for five of the last ten years? Probably not: 47 percent of Detroit adults are functionally illiterate.
Precisely what caused all this mess is perhaps best left to historians. Locals' ideas for how it happened could keep one pinned to a barstool for weeks: auto companies failing or pushing out to the suburbs and beyond, white flight caused by the '67 riots and busing orders, the 20-year reign of Mayor Coleman Young who scared additional middle-class whites off with statements such as "The only way to handle discrimination is to reverse it," freeways destroying mass transit infrastructure, ineptitude, corruption, Japanese cars--take your pick.
. We no longer have the luxury of such utopian dreams of taking our pick when it comes to placing the blame for Detroit’s monumental collapse; we must deal with the facts as they are and point out that Detroit has become the best friend of budding photographers hoping to publish the next best-selling coffee table book because it is a city that most resembles the dangerous foreign landscapes pictured in National Geographic. (For an actual coffee table book on modern Detroit, check out The Ruins of Detroit, by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre .)
Detroit is 82 percent Black. The Great Migration to Detroit of Blacks from the South (exacerbated by Henry Ford’s promise to hire 10 percent of his employees from the Black population) inexorably created White Flight from that city, turning the city once known as “The Paris of the West” into the American version of the Paris Suburbs. Much of the rest of the city been torn down due to neglect.

Detoirt's Woodward Ave. (from The Ruins of Detroit).
That Democrat hegemony bemoaned for ruining the city has been overwhelmingly Black for 40 years, starting with the election of Coleman Young, the first Black mayor in the history of Detroit. The mass exodus of people from the city was primarily White back in the 1960s and '70s (which turned a majority White city into the majority Black mess you have now), but is currently a torrent of Black people fleeing in hopes of finding a place to live with a national grocery chain.
White people fled Black crime then; Black people flee Black crime now.
Mike Brownfield of The Heritage Foundation has said Detroit is “a liberal’s worst nightmare,” but fails to point out that it is Black people fleeing a liberal Black cityto the tune of a 25 percent population decline in 10 years.
What are you afraid of saying Mr. Brownfield? Why can’t you just say Detroit is in trouble because of its majority population (why doesn’t the Detroit Free Pressever run an article that asks, In changing world, Detroit remains overwhelming black?)? Why can’t Dr. Sowell? Why can’t The American Thinker? Why can’tNational Review?
The decline of Detroit (and America’s major cities such as Baltimore, Milwaukee, Memphis, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cleveland, Newark, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, etc.) is completely racial in nature. Michael Walsh of National Review laments that “some day, we’ll all live in Detroit” without mentioning the fact that Detroit’s lily-white suburbs--where the White descendants of the War of Detroit (the 1967 Black riot) retreated to--are perhaps the nicest in America.
Conservatives must understand that is the Black residents of Detroit who have helped depreciate what was once some of the highest property value in the country to the majority of zip codes in America with the lowest property value.
The Black press seems to understand understands this: The Atlanta Post published a story in 2010 stating that to Abandon Detroit = Abandoning Black America; Detroit post-1967 is a direct representation of Black America.
One mustn’t forget that every student in Detroit now eats for free (courtesy of the state) so that the stigma of being on the free lunch program won’t affect the self-esteem of Black children. As of 2009, more than 300,000 Black residents of Detroit were on food stamps, which equates to 38 percent of the citizenry. One can only guess what that number is now.
With news that Detroit could run out cash by December, Mayor Dave Bing has had to announce massive cuts to the city that contradict the USA Today’s triumphant, front-page, above the fold claim in October of 2011 that Detroit was back! from a few months ago. The Detroit Free Press reported:
Delivering on his pledge to avoid an emergency manager, Mayor Dave Bing said today he will lay off 1,000 employees, implement a hiring freeze and increase his demands on unions to accept 10% pay cuts and deep concessions in health care and pension benefits.

This follows an earlier proclamation from Bing that stopped garbage removal, police patrols and other government services in 20 percent of the city. Who can forget that more than 100 Detroit Department of Transportation bus drivers refused to work and stayed at the Rosa Parks Bus Terminal because of rampaging Black youth (who have helped earn Detroit the honor of America’s Most Dangerous City) attacking them.
That same bus system is so unreliable that LaWanda Flake, a disabled mother of six, recently bartered her home on Craigslist for a van to get her children to school on time. That house once belonged to one of the top Mo’ Town artists (The Supremes), but has since come to represent how quickly property depreciates once Black people assume control of a city.
If Detroit fails, then the unthinkable could happen: Michigan recently passed a “financial martial law” bill which allows the state to assume control of a bankrupt city. Once Detroit fails, an Emergency Manager will put in charge of the city and The American Interest warns us a 21st Century version of a “Plantation” will be created in America:
That’s not the only problem: if the review determines that the city is broke, white Republican officials could end up making decisions that change the fate of a predominantly African American city — imposing cuts in employment, pay, benefits and services that will affect almost everyone who lives in Detroit.
Detroit Free Press columnist Jeff Gerritt lays out what the governor will face if the takeover goes forward:
“Plantation” is a word he’ll hear a lot — in fact, Councilman Kwame Kenyatta already invoked it to describe what would happen if the state took control of the city’s finances in an effort to keep it from running out of money by spring…
Nothing happens in this region outside the context of race. Our often-painful history is the oxygen we breathe, even when we choke on it. We’re all finding it a little hard to breathe just now.
“Plantation” is the wrong word. On actual plantations, people worked. In the case of Detroit, the White Republican “owners” will labor away on behalf of their "slaves."
As Black people flee Detroit and head into the prosperous lily-white suburbs surrounding the city, they ensure that the middle-class areas will continue to shrink.
The classic 1980s film Robocop teased at that truth when the CEO of OCP said, “Old Detroit has a cancer. That cancer is crime.” In Hollywood’s Detroit, multi-racial gangs, made up primarily of White males, prevailed.
Detroit faces a dual problem of spiking murder rates and a police force that is either incompetent or, increasingly, absent. This has led many residents to take the law into their own hands. The Daily reports, in an article entitled “911 is a Joke”:
Justifiable homicide in the city shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands. The local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And they’re offering no apologies.
Black dysfunction has, ironically, realized the dream of Reason magazine and Anarcho-Capitalists—a laissez-faire city with few government services. In Detroit, the dream is a nightmare.
In the span of only a few months, two of the former industrial giants that represented America’s once mighty manufacturing base will have become virtually insolvent. Sad that 72 percent Black Birmingham, Alabama, was responsible for the bankruptcy of Jefferson County.
Now, it is precisely those who comprise the 82 percent share of Detroit’s population that will be responsible for the financial ruin of that city, because they were incapable of sustaining the civilization that was left behind to them.
Only a few people will raise their hand and give the correct answer as to why "the Motor City" is finally out of gas.
To admit that Detroit is a failure because of its majority population is not possible in the political climate of 2012 America. To do so would undermine the political aim and drive of what this writer has dubbed “Black-Run America” (BRA).
This does not mean that Black people run actually America—far from it—but that America (corporate, religious, government, legal system, entertainment, etc.) is run for the advancement of Black people, and that to publicly say anything negative about Black people is, more or less, against the law of the land.
The National Question can’t be properly answered until we have the courage to proclaim the truth of Detroit’s demise. "Liberalism," "socialism," the "Democrat-controlled political class" are all partial, insufficient answers at best.
It’s about race, stupid

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Importing Poverty By Planes,Trains And Automobiles

Some folks figure its just ducky we are importing these people not by the ship load but by large enough margins to populate entire states. The numbers of ILLEGAL ALIENS  in this country would populate these states at their current population levels Wyoming, Washington D.C, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Hawaii and that's if there are just a mere 11,000,000 as is reported.

Fifty-seven percent of Mexican immigrants on welfare

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies ( reveals some startling figures about welfare use by families headed by immigrants.
“In 2010, 36 percent of immigrant-headed households used at least one major welfare program (primarily food assistance and Medicaid) compared to 23 percent of native households,” summarizes the document which was published by the Center for Immigration Studies and examines a wide variety of topics relating to immigration. Click HERE to read the full report.
The document breaks down the immigrant families by country of origin and gives specific types of welfare and percentages of the families that used it in 2010. An average fewer than 23 percent of native households use some type of “welfare” which is specifically defined in the study. 36 percent of households headed by immigrants use some type of welfare. Families headed by immigrants from specific countries or areas of the world range from just over 6 percent for those immigrants from Great Britain to more than 57 percent of those from Mexico using some type of welfare.
This comprehensive study suggests there are approximately 40 million immigrants in the United States of which more than a 25 percent of that number, and the largest overall group, originate from Mexico. The study estimates that approximately 28 percent of immigrants, or just over 11 million, are within the United States illegally. The study also suggests that nearly 50 percent of those immigrants originating from Mexico and Central America are here illegally.
This report is very comprehensive and examines various statistics of immigrants currently residing in the United States. Overall, state and federal aid use by immigrant families is much higher than that used by families headed by citizens of the United States.
The large population of immigrants, both legal and illegal in Eastern Washington and even Spokane affects the states budget dramatically.
The approaching fiscal cliff is forcing congress and the current administration to contemplate cuts to services. Welfare use by immigrants, both illegally and legally within the United States, should be thoroughly examined and considered while making cuts.

Another ILLEGAL ALIEN Obama Relative Gets To Stay In U.S.

Well I can say I didn't see this one coming ....just kidding.  This is our country under obama, we have to take care of the poor and oppressed. Even if we have to illegally import them to do it. If you haven't yet seen it I am going to include the video of obama's other ILLEGAL ALIEN  relative to watch .... its a hoot. She pretty much tells the nation we are obligated to take care of her .... she's entitled to it. She comes to this country, never contributes a dime but is sucking off the U.S. tax payers and her brother has a job ( how ) and a drivers Licence ( again how ) as an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Keep in mind obama is worth millions and yet we support his family.

DHS Confirms: The Fix is In to Deliver Amnesty for Obama’s Uncle Omar

Posted by Gateway Guest Blogger on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 5:59 AM

Guest Post by Mara Zebest
GatewayPundit reported on Uncle Omar back in April 16, 2012 and also reported on Obama’s Aunt Zeituni who is already the poster child for the illegal alien corrupt system that has outraged many.  Auntie Zeituni was granted asylum and it looks like Uncle Omar is on the same path.  Dare I state the obvious: Being an illegal alien seems to run in the family.

In September 2010 Barack Obama’s illegal alien Auntie Zeituni told reporters, “I didn’t take advantage of the system – The system took advantage of me.”
CNSnews reports the following:
( — The U.S Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed to reopen the immigration case of Onyango Obama, delaying the deportation of the 68-year old Kenyan who violated an order to leave the United States in 1992.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed to on Tuesday that Obama, who is the president’s uncle, was granted a rehearing last week and his case is being re-opened.
The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) remanded the case back to Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) for reconsideration. It is inappropriate for ICE to offer any further comment on this case,” Brian P. Hale, ICE assistant director for public affairs, said in a statement to
The Cleveland, Ohio-based immigration law firm of Margaret Wong and Associates, which is handling Obama’s case, said the delay may allow the Kenyan national to apply to stay in the U.S. permanently.
“We are delighted that the Board of Immigration Appeals has decided to reopen the deportation case of President Obama’s uncle, Obama Onyango,” Wong said in a statement.
Mr. Onyango now has an opportunity to stay in the U.S. and apply for permanent residency,” the statement said. “Mr. Onyango is the brother of the U.S. president’s late father and came to the U.S. in the 1960s on one of the last boat lifts.”
In 1989, an immigration judge ordered Obama, who has been in the U.S. since 1963, to be deported. He appealed and the appeal was dismissed in 1992.
Crystal Williams, executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said any move to reconsider a case is unusual when there is already an order for removal.
“It isn’t common for the Board to reopen a case when there is an outstanding order of removal, as there is here, particularly with a later DUI arrest. It happens, but not that often,” Williams said in a statement to reported in July that an ICE internal e-mail obtained by the legal watchdog Judicial Watch had confirmed that ICE had granted Obama a stay of deportation “to seek reopening of his deportation proceedings.”
The e-mail, sent by Hale to ICE Director John Morton on April 1, revealed that ICE had no immediate plans to deport Obama, in spite of a previous ICE order that granted Obama a stay of deportation until June 5, 2012.
“Mr. Onyango is subject to a final order of deportation. ICE had granted him a stay of deportation effective until June 5, 2012,” the e-mail reads.
“The stay was granted to allow him to attend pending criminal proceedings and to seek reopening of his deportation proceedings, which concluded before the Board of Immigration Appeals on January 29, 1992.”
Obama was arrested in Framingham, Mass., for DUI in August 2011. In March of this year, his case was continued for one year and his driver’s license was suspended for 45 days.
According to the Boston Globe, Obama subsequently received a “hardship” license so he could continue working at his job as the manager of a liquor store.
H/T Gateway Pundit