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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama, Race And The Flying Monkey Media Circus That Is Zimmerman

For those of you who have been watching the debacle that has become the Zimmerman trial and may be wondering what has happened to the states case , relax, there never was a case. There was however an election to win and of course race baiting . This administration has shown they are more than willing to sacrifice others to further their agenda ( remember that guy who made the video they blamed Benghazi on .... he's still sitting in prison ) and who was Zimmerman anyway, no one important, just some guy working to improve his community. If it wasn't Zimmerman it most certainly would have been someone else they sacrificed. Zimmerman however would suffice and while not perfect he would work to get the base fired up.The evil white guy running around shooting black babies it seemed perfect for their needs.They had one small problem however that was the truth difficult to overcome but not insurmountable merely fill the air with screeching, shrieking clutter and chaff. That it may come back to bite them on the ass time and again at trial was unimportant as it was never about Zimmerman's guilt .... or innocence or even Trayvon's death, they had an election to win. As I expected it didn't take long to discover they had no where to run or hide and  that became apparent almost as soon as the Judges opening gavel began the trial. If you had been paying attention however the wheels on this Choo Choo had started to fall off almost since day one.The first thing they did was use 5 year old pictures in every press release when more current ones were everywhere but those pictures showed Trayvon as a 6 foot plus, grilled up, gun toting, doper not the angelic choirboy they needed and it turns out if there was a racist there that night .... it was likely Trayvon.. Then they discovered Zimmerman was Hispanic and not white, another problem but again not a insurmountable one ....POOF he became a white Hispanic. Then there were Zimmerman's injuries again not a problem we'll get our Flying Monkeys in the media to make them go away with doctored pictures and video. Then they started the drum beat that Trayvon was just a kid going for candy, skittles and ice tea they said, the very picture of innocence it would seem.  Then it came out that Trayvon used and made a product called lean which is made with skittles and the drink he bought with a little codeine thrown in to add a kick to it, this has yet to receive much attention in the mainstream media and likely never will.  I suspect they knew all this was going to come out but they had 2 things going for them. The first was there was a clock on this that was set to expire in early November,  and after that day in November it didn't matter if the truth came out the race had been run and won or lost. The second was the ignorance of the average citizen and coupled with their disinformation campaign it insured that the populace would remain confused and ignorant.   So this was created, not because these people wanted justice but because it served their purposes at the time .... for obama it helped in an election year ....for the race baiters like sharpton and jackson it kept them relevant .....for the media it drew eyes to their product and allowed them to help obama. No they wanted this and justice had nothing to do with it Trayvon was just another dead black kid and its not like dead black kids are thin on the ground in this country Hell just read the body count out of any major city in this country, dozens upon dozens of dead black and Hispanic kids every week. The problem with all those dead kids was they were and are being killed by each other and has been going on for decades and is hardly news worthy these days and the death of another black or Hispanic kid is greeted with a * YAWN * and a * SHRUG * as not news and barely worth the expenditure of news print. No they needed a racial angle and if they couldn't find one they would create it .... it didn't have to be perfect all they needed was a body and they would supply the rest.  Well they found one and that they are likely to wind up looking the fools again is immaterial as its purpose has been served and the fact they are race baiting venial grifters will be ignored by most.  In any case like so often in the past the left has used a corpse to further its agenda and like so often in the past their agenda fullfilled that corpse will likely receive a paupers grave its usefulness now past.

 As I watched the states so called star witness I thought well there you have 60 years of failed liberal race and education policies rolled into one person and put on public display .... ignorant ....sullen .... disrespectful ... and barely able to speak a form of English and unable to read. I wondered how many more hundreds of thousands or millions of them like her are there out there and what the cumulative affect on our society is and will be now and in the coming years  and the truly astonishing thing about her testimony is that the liberal media is making excuses for her proclaiming her to be courageous and some even going so far as to say she was well spoken within the confines of her culture. For any of you given that display on the stand that still support affirmative action and racial quota's well this is the creation of and end result of those and other liberal policies. This is what the the labor pool is within our minority communities. After watching that display I understand why it is that quota's, racial preferences and the altering of tests is needed to allow employment if these are the people within that labor pool. This is the monster the left has created and make no mistake it was and is deliberate and may God forgive them for it.  I'm sure most of us have seen the YouTube videos' of men and women like her and have listened to what passes for English in these video's ....I always thought they spoke that way because they were playing to their audience now I don't believe that to be the case at all and think that is just the way it is and I think of the great joy and glee in liberal circles whenever one proclaims that this will soon be a minority majority nation .... God help us

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