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Friday, October 25, 2013

Anyone Remember Pelosi Making This Walk

I remember watching this as it happened and thinking what a nasty piece of work she was. She and the rest of the democrats had a good day that day according to their lights. However, if you listen to the tape you can hear how the rest of the folks felt.... KILL THE BILL .....KILL THE BILL. Well now the democrats are upset because we Republicans are gloating over the slow motion growth of the crater that may well become the final resting place of obamacare. Well the democrats passed this without a single Republican vote and then you rubbed it in our faces now its our turn. Its likely that when all is said and done the obamacare website alone is going to cost us over 2 billion for its design and repair and make no mistake the website was and is the easy part of obamacare. Obama and the democrats have lied to us from the beginning and they continue to do so. Its not going to save a family 2500.00, you likely won't keep your health care plan, it is not going to result in a net gain of jobs, its not going to cost 900 billion, the people don't want it, the website didn't crash because of the number of people on the site and the number of people going to the site is not an indicator of how popular it is, just as the number of people who have federal taxes taken out is an indicator of how popular they are in both cases you are forced to law to do so. 

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