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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PA Attorney General's Nose Is Growing

 Well I would like to say I told you so but I didn't so I can't. I will say however that it doesn't surprise me in the least that she is turning out to be a walking talking poster child for failed expectations. There are several things which I find amusing about this whole affair the first is that while several Republicans were offered these bribes every single one of them turned them down while the democrats stood there with there hands out. Then there was the fact that they were bribing people to vote against the voter I.D. bill while accusing the Republicans of all sort of shady behaviors for wanting voter I.D.  I think I will file this one under rich irony.

Pennsylvania AG caught lying about Dem corruption case she wouldn't prosecute

Thomas Lifson
A scandal is brewing in Pennsylvania involving a Democrat attorney general who declined to prosecute four Democrat state legislators caught on tape accepting bribes. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:
Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia never deemed a sting operation that targeted public corruption as too weak to prosecute, according to District Attorney Seth Williams and law enforcement sources familiar with the brief federal review of the investigation.
The sources and Williams say the prosecutors never came to a judgment about the investigation one way or another before the state attorney general asked them to halt their review.
Their statements echo a declaration by the Philadelphia office of the FBI, which said it made no judgment about whether the case was suitable for prosecution.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane has said "federal authorities" endorsed her view that the sting was fatally damaged. She has declined to identity (sic) the federal officials involved, saying they had asked for anonymity. 

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