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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street To Return

Like most people I paid scant attention to Occupy Wall Street for the first several weeks after it was birthed by Adbusters a Canadian group of liberal malcontents. At the time it seemed to me to be an odd export from our neighbors to our north but I figured that they had also given us Molson and sometimes you have to take the good along with the bad and it evened out.We got to drink their beer and in exchange we took a few of their hippies who had been looking for a purpose.

Well for the first few weeks it looked as though we had gotten the better of that trade. The hippies were in their element, hanging out, banging on bongos, creating shortages in the local cannabis trade and making friends with the park pigeons and we continued to drink Molson and everyone was happy. Then the press for reasons which eluded me at the time decided to take notice and the rest as they say was history. It didn't take long for their ranks to blossom with members of every liberal cause which had sprung from their oh so fertile minds over the last 50 years. The Che T - shirt clan, the free my cannabis crowd, the 9 - 11 truthers, communists, anarchists, the homeless, felons, the anti Semites,  Michael Moore and the unions, they all came. I heard rumors that Ron Paul supporters had even shown up at several of their encampments.or maybe they had been there first. In any case it wasn't long before the pigeons had decamped, Manhattan was experiencing plumbing problems and the police were on overtime. I remember thinking to myself at the time and after all the new additions that nothing good was likely to come of this as I had noticed over the years that often when large groups of angry liberals get together bad things happen. 5,000 arrests later I still think that.

It didn't take me long to realize that the OWS movement was just a branch office of the re elect Obama effort supported by the usual suspects in the media and unions. The single unifying theme once you cut threw the babble was the rich were evil and to save the nation we had to have more of their money and they were mean for not giving it to us. Which coincidentally was what Obama and the unions were saying. I'm not saying that it was Obama himself with his hand up the back of their shirt making their mouths move but I'll bet he knows the guy who was doing it.  In any case the movement seems to be withering , the weather, arrests and time taking their toll but the Obama campaign has it in their back pocket and I suspect with the event of warmer weather and the looming election the Obama campaign sometime in the Spring or early Summer will trot out the shell of the OWS movement restaff it with good union members and have it up and running for the election

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