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Monday, November 28, 2011

White Guy Go Away

There is a op - ed in the New York Times today in which the democrat strategy for the 2012 and apparently all future elections is supposedly laid out. It says in essence NO WHITE GUYS NEED APPLY. It seems the democrats have decided they have created a large enough entitlement class that they no longer see the need to even make the effort to attract white working class voters. So who is the new democrat constituency you ask, it is and I quote  " Seizing the New Progressive Common Ground,  describes instead a new progressive coalition made up of young people, Hispanics, unmarried women, and affluent suburbanites " that quote is from a paper co authored by James Carville. Does this strategy come as a surprise to anyone and did anyone else notice that it made no reference to African Americans. They vote for democrats at over 90 %  and for Obama at over 95 %   so I understand them not mentioning African Americans. There is no need to wine and dine them, they are to coin a phrase, a sure thing.

We have watched the democrat party essentially build the framework for this strategy for decades and now they believe it will bare fruit. With as much as 51 % of working American paying no federal income taxes, with the largest number of Americans on food stamps than anytime before in our history, with near historic numbers on unemployment or under employed or who have just given up I wouldn't bet against it. I have long since come to the conclusion that paranoia concerning politics in this country is less paranoia and more often than not just a insight into future events. This strategy explains the 1965 immigration act and the absolute loathing of anyone in the democrat party to restrict illegal immigration in anyway and the fanaticism of democrats when it came to minority set asides or it would if I were paranoid. You might find the op ed a interesting  read ... link below.

November 27, 2011, 11:34 pm

The Future of the Obama Coalition

I am including this as well in it you will hear Robert Reich, a Obama economic advisor come out and say white guys need not apply for any stimulus jobs

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