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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vote The Union Way .... Or Else

It seems that the good Mayor of Newark Cory Booker has really annoyed the SEIU union leg breakers. Its going to be fun to watch over the next year or 2 to see how booker mends these fences and mend them he must as it is rumored he is going to challenge Gov Christe for his job. If he doesn't mend these fences with the union goons it makes his effort a lot harder ..... I have 20.00 bucks that says they kiss and make up. Booker will promise the unions thugs more tax payers monies if they support him so look for the make up to be public.

SEIU Leader Incites Riot After Cory Booker Makes Controversial Vote

On Tuesday, a leader of a Newark, New Jersey Service Employees International Union (SEIU) chapter incited a riot at city hall after he charged the dais at a council meeting, allegedly hit a woman and a child, and had to be restrained with pepper spray before he was arrested.

After Newark Mayor Cory Booker executed a power play by casting the deciding vote to appoint Shanique Davis Speight to a vacant city council post, SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad stormed to the front of the city hall and lunged at Speight. Melees ensued.
One faction wanted to appoint for Mayor Sharpe James’ son, John Sharpe James, who is a vocal opponent of Booker’s. Another faction allied with Booker preferred Shanique Davis Speight. According to, Booker made an “unprecedented personal appearance to cast the deciding vote.”
"In the absence of a quorum, I have an obligation to sit in," Booker said before casting the vote.
Booker’s chief-of-staff, Modia Butler wanted to “scuttle the appointment” of a Booker enemy and orchestrated the last-minute appearance by Booker to cast the vote for Speight.
Then, chaos broke out. And what ensued represented tribal city politics at its absolute worst.
H/T Breitbart

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