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Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Gunfights .... 5 Dead Bad Guys

The liberals would have you believe that guns are seldom used to protect people from their base and that your gun is more likely to be used against you than a criminal ....BULLSHIT. Yes ladies and gentleman I am plainly saying that our criminal element is likely liberal/progressive/democrat. All one needs do is look at our prison population and the different groups that reside within these facilities and then look at how these groups in the general society vote. Liberals will suggest that criminal seldom exercise their right to vote when allowed ....perhaps that is so but when they do its for democrats. In any case I just wanted to bring you this little U Tube piece its an older piece but I like it.


As incarceration levels have risen in the United States, an ever-larger number of citizens

have temporarily or permanently lost the right to vote. What are the political

consequences of such franchise restrictions for convicted felons? To estimate expected

turnout and vote choice among disfranchised felons, we combine legal sources with data

series from the National Election Study, the Current Population Survey Voting

Supplement, Surveys of State Prison Inmates, and National Corrections Reporting

Program. To assess political impact, we examine two counterfactual conditions: (1)

whether removing disfranchisement laws would have altered the composition of the U.S.

Senate; and, (2) whether applying contemporary rates of disfranchisement to prior

presidential elections would have affected their outcomes. Because felons are drawn

disproportionately from the ranks of racial minorities and the poor, disfranchisement laws

tend to take votes from Democratic candidates. Our results suggest that felon

disfranchisement played a decisive role in several U.S. Senate elections, contributing to

the Republican Senate majority of the early 1980s and mid-1990s. Moreover, at least one

recent Democratic presidential victory would have been jeopardized had contemporary

rates of disfranchisement prevailed during earlier periods.

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