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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hollywood Lectures American On Gun Violence

I love Hollywood perhaps not in the way most folks love Hollywood. Ever since some whack job shot up another school a couple of weeks back I have seen what appears to be a non stop effort by the Hollywood elite and not so elite to push the message that guns are evil. Well a couple of issues I have with this is that for a good many of them they are protected 24 hours a day by people with guns. I suspect if they did get their fantasies fulfilled and guns were banned their security people would still be armed to protect them from the worlds crazies. Well folks those same crazies inhabit our world as well and we interact with these crazies on a daily basis ....everyday. The Hollywood elite interactions with these nuts are infrequent and often with both armed security and lots of money to buffer any interactions. We the masses however don't have those options. So it seems to me they are advocating taking our guns to make themselves safer while reducing our ability to protect ourselves and then there is the below vid. Hollywood in part helped create this monster and it seems that everyone of the Hollywood in crowd has made tons of money promoting gun violence part they created the problem they find so distatsteful and now they claim ignorence as to the cause. Ya just got to love their ability to stick to the script.


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