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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Truth About The Bush Tax Cuts

As most people have figured out I am a Conservative ....that's with a big C not a little c . Some of the folks I have argued with over the finer points of government policy most of which are liberals couldn't understand why I wasn't on the verge of suicide when Romney lost. I laughed and explained that while I was somewhat disappointed at Romney's loss there was a bright side. I explained that a good many people are absolutely convinced that things were so terrible that no one man could have fixed it in just 4 years and obama just needs more time for his policies to take affect. At that point I think to myself we'll see and I have history on my side and with plenty of examples to prove my point. I usually ask them to explain Detroit .... Flint .... Gary .... Newark  .... Camden ....  Washington D.C .....  Wilkes Barre..... the late great state of Cal. Some quit at that point but a few attempt to explain them all away because of poverty and racism. When I ask if that means the liberal war on poverty and racism has failed that shuts up a few more but I wander. We are going to have 4 more years to decide if obama's liberal policies will work. I suspect not.... as so many of their assumptions about taxing policy and economics are dead solid wrong

White House Data Debunk Myth Bush Cuts Built Deficit

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