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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Killing Whitey

Some of you may remember the New Black Panthers. They are the group that eric holder decided not to prosecute for voter intimidation at a Philly polling place and this was after they had already been convicted. This is the same group that put out a contract for murder on George Zimmerman and are the same group who have said that cracker babies need to be killed along with all other white folk. They have also been to the White House and have marched and spoke with obama at civil rights rallies, now this. 

New Black Panthers Threaten to Kill Crackers – Promise SHOWDOWN at RNC

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, June 25, 2012, 12:14 PM

Racist crackers gotta die.
The St. Pete – Tampa New Black Panthers are tweeting out threats to murder whitey.

Hat Tip Ed
Here’s another threat:

The New Black Panthers are also threatening a “showdown” at the RNC Convention in Tampa.

These goons have their contact information posted on their Twitter page.
Of course, if these threats were coming from some white racist group this would actually be a national story.

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  1. The panthers better be very very careful what they wish for. Sooner or later they're gonna get it. It won't be pretty when it happens.

    And we're fast approaching the time when "white guilt" and the "race card" will be null and void. Now, thanks to IT and the internet, the stranglehold the Lame Stream Media have had over our news and information sources is OVER!

    Thinking Americans are finally wising up to the fact that we've been played by our politicians and race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, among others, and they're tired of it. Liberals will always be stupid and blind to reality but this country is swinging to the right and coming to its senses.