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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Laureen Cummings To Be At Coney Island Lunch In Scranton ... 11 to 1 ... June 9'th

Some of you may have had an itch on the back of your neck because the above date might have triggered a memory of some sort. Your right it seems the Cummings camp have decided to hold a meet and greet at the same time some folks will be rubbing elbows with the high and mighty at a 1000.00 bucks a pop and a mere 2500.00 per Polaroid moment with democrats nancy pelosi and matt cartwright. So folks if you like, you have a choice, you can go and meet nancy and matt or go and meet Laureen and have a dog and a beer and I'm sure its no coincidence that its just around the corner from the cartwright event. Personally, my tux isn't pressed and my driver has the day off so I think it will be a dog and a beer. Just funning if I had 1000 bucks these days I likely just robbed one of the folks headed to the matt and nancy road show but I can probably scape together enough gas money to get to Scranton and kick 5 or 10 to the Cummings campaign and eat a dog or 2

UPDATE....bad news folks a source inside the Cummings camp tells me no beer ..... * SHRUG*  .... no problem  I'll get one of those super tanker Slurpee's and the dolly to tote it

Here's the text from the event, and below that a link to the facebook event...

On Saturday June 9 from 11AM to 1PM, Laureen will be at the legendary Coney Island Lunch, 515 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton.Come out and meet a Congressional Candidate who is actually FROM the middle class!

If you're hungry, have a Texas Weiner and a soda. It's a true All-American lunch, hot and fresh off the grill. (And it sure beats thousand dollar eggs!) No need to dress up ...wear a shirt you can drip chili on!

Oh ...and bring your camera. We'll take pics of you with Laureen. For Free.

(Campaign contributions will be accepted but are not required. We just want to give everyone a chance to meet Laureen!)

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