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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Democrats Murder And Crime

I often infuriate our local liberals when I tell them that if they are truly serious about reducing gun crime, murders and crime overall then they need to self deport. No , I'm not kidding anyway you slice it those geographic locations and groups which support or vote democrat is where most of our crime and our prison population comes from.  Most of our crime germinates from urban areas, the larger cities and the cities with very few exceptions vote democrat red state or blue state this stands to be true. Below I have posted some data from the Bureau of Justice website which will illustrate my point. I used the murder numbers as it tends to grab attention far better than the numbers for burglary or other crime categories and also has the added advantage of demonstrating that while the democrats favor gun control it is democrats or their supporters which are committing the vast majority of gun related and violent crime in the U.S. and that is something I find as amusing as hell. If one looks at all crime related figures elsewhere on the B of J website they are equally damming.Take an especially close look at the felony murder rates.

 The figures in the chart below are somewhat misleading concerning the white category as all hispanic crime numbers all rolled into this category. This inflates the the numbers for whites and largely eliminates hispanic crime numbers as most studies use these numbers as their base. So always keep that in mind that when crime % and the like are quoted if they rely on the B of J or the FBI numbers you are likely getting an incomplete picture.  I have had several heated arguments concerning this and most often those with whom I am arguing insist that hispanic crime numbers are included in the category " other ". I then point out the gang related murder numbers and ask if they honestly believe that the category white is responsible for 54 % plus of gang related homicides every year. Another thing to keep in mind and to help understand the below chart is the overall % each group is of the general population. It breaks down something close to this ...white 65 %...  black 12 - 13 % .... hispanic 16 - 18 % .....other ( asians native American ...etc ) 3 - 5 %  . If the hispanic murder rate is just at the rate they are represented in the general population 16 - 18 % then Houston we have a problem as that means that 80 % of our murders are being committed by our minority populations which are overwhelmingly democrat. The long and short of it is if you wish to live in a crime free safe area stay away from those areas run by and populated largely by democrats.

The below vid is a bonus

The race distribution of homicide victims and offenders differs by type of homicide

For the years 1976-2005 combined -

  • Black victims are over represented in homicides involving drugs. Compared with the overall involvement of blacks as victims, blacks are less often the victims of sex-related homicides, workplace killings, and homicide by poison.

  • Race patterns among offenders are similar to those among victims.

Homicide Type by Race, 1976-2005

Victims   Offenders

White Black Other   White Black Other

All homicides 50.9% 46.9% 2.1%   45.8% 52.2% 2.0%
Victim/offender relationship              

Intimate 56.6% 41.2% 2.2%   54.4% 43.4% 2.2%

Family 60.7% 36.9% 2.4%   59.2% 38.5% 2.3%

Infanticide 55.9% 41.6% 2.5%   55.4% 42.1% 2.5%

Eldercide 69.2% 29.1% 1.6%   54.5% 43.8% 1.6%

Felony murder 54.7% 42.7% 2.6%   39.1% 59.3% 1.6%

Sex related 66.9% 30.5% 2.5%   54.7% 43.4% 1.9%

Drug related 37.4% 61.6% .9%   33.9% 65.0% 1.1%

Gang related 57.5% 39.0% 3.5%   54.3% 41.2% 4.4%

Argument 48.6% 49.3% 2.1%   46.8% 51.1% 2.2%

Workplace 84.6% 12.2% 3.2%   70.5% 26.7% 2.8%

Gun homicide 47.2% 50.9% 1.9%   41.9% 56.4% 1.7%

Arson 58.9% 38.1% 2.9%   55.7% 42.0% 2.3%

Poison 80.6% 16.9% 2.5%   79.8% 18.4% 1.8%
Multiple victims or offenders              

Multiple victims 63.4% 33.2% 3.3%   55.7% 40.8% 3.5%

Multiple offenders 54.8% 42.5% 2.7%   44.6% 53.0% 2.4%

Although slightly less true now than before, most murders are intraracial

From 1976 to 2005 --

  • 86% of white victims were killed by whites
  • 94% of black victims were killed by blacks

Race of Offender and Victim by relationship

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  1. Excellent post Aggie. Thanks. I will bookmark the link for future reference. There's nothing like a few hard facts and racially unbiased statistics to confuse a progressive.