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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conspiracy To Solicit Murder Approved By Obama Administration

 Good news ....good news, for those of you with an especially annoying ex or a neighbor whose dog wakes you at all hours or if engaged in a political or legal dispute ....not to worry. There now seems to be a remedy for those annoying pests, hire someone to kill them. In the past these remedies have long been denied to the public at large and its use has been confined to the mob or drug dealers, well longer. In a sudden reversal of a long held policy the obama administration has declined to arrest and charge the head of the new black panther party for offering a contract for murder. There has been no official comment by the administration on this sudden policy change and legal scholars are urging caution to all those considering this new opportunity for remedial action as this policy change flies in the face of long held legal precedence and may not survive a court challenge. Another issue raised by these same legal scholars is the disposition of pending cases and they urge that all adopt a wait and see attitude until all questions are resolved

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