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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lets Take It All And See How That Works Out

I have been listening to the anti rich rhetoric from the administration for several years now and to be honest its getting on my nerves. They have stated that the rich need to pay their fair share so often I am beginning to wonder if they are beginning to believe their own bullshit. The fact is the rich pay their fair share and then some but the liberals and their Flying Monkeys needed a whipping boy and I guess it was their turn.

The truth of the matter is if we stripped the rich of every thin dime they had it still wouldn't do much to reduce obama's deficits. I ran across this video a while back when the dust up in WI was taking place over Scott Walker and the unions pitched a hissy fit and michael moore decided to throw his 2 cents onto the table. The left wants more and they want more to funnel it to those who contribute very little to society. The poor in this country live in the suburbs, in 3 bedroom homes with electric lights, AC, heat, hot water, cheap or free housing, a better medical plan than most, an assured food budget, cell phones, and most have cars. The left seem to believe that the poor now deserve the same life style and benefits of those who work and that we the tax payers should fund it. Its a nice gig I guess if you can stomach it. You don't need to worry about the mortgage, keeping your property up, taxes, medical bills, none of the things that keep me and others awake at night and they want more. We have made poverty far to comfortable I think.

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