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Monday, March 19, 2012

This Is The Cesspool Obama Came From ....Remind You Of Any Place You Know ?

 Chicago has long held the reputation as being the most corrupt political landscape in American politics and it is all democrat all the time. Personally I have always thought our little corner of paradise here in Luzerne county could give them lessons in both plain and fancy skulduggery. This story doesn't dissuade me from that opinion but I have to admit that it does rank up there with the best of them ....a sort of a new high in lows if you will. I think I would feel right at home in Chicago and I'm sure more than a few Luzerne county residents would have to agree with me. The foul stench that wafts through the air in both places has to be very much the same and as I said obama rose to the top in that cesspool.

Dems: Vote  for accused bribe-taker

In the parks, churches, bowling alleys and VFW halls of Illinois, candidates for president, state supreme court, state representative and every office in-between made their last-minute pitches before Tuesday’s primary elections.

Perhaps the most audacious plea came from West Side Democratic elected officials who urged voters to support an Illinois House member charged with bribery. It looks bad, they acknowledged, but it will prevent the seat from falling into the hands of Republicans.

The rally in support of appointed state Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago) featured U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), three aldermen and a county commissioner and even adopted a catchy moniker: “No defeat or retreat — keep the Dem seat.”

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