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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ssshhhh ...Liberal Approved Lynching In Progress ..... Do Not Disturb

 I have been watching the ever increasing frenzy over the death of Trayvon Martin with a mounting sense of horror. It seems the liberal press, obama , the black panthers, jessie jackson, al sharpton, louis farrakhan, spike lee and others have decided the fate of George Zimmerman, facts and the unknown be damned.
 The case has been heard in the court of liberal public opinion, oral arguments have been made ( witnesses ignored )  the approved evidence has been weighed and the sentence has been handed down, GUILTY AS CHARGED. The only dispute now seems to be the severity of the sentence. The black panthers are advocating death as their 10,000 reward for Zimmerman dead or alive makes clear they're  preference. Spike Lee made certain if someone wanted to collect the reward they would know where to go when he posted Zimmerman's address on twitter. The justice brothers al and jessie with farrakhan want their version of justice which entails them jetting in, giving speeches, raking in a few bucks off the injustice of it all and perhaps inciting the odd riot or two. If a few people die because of their rhetoric, well its a small price to pay for justice, except perhaps to the dead and their families. Its not as though they pulled the trigger themselves, they merely loaded the gun and left it carelessly laying about for others to make use of.  Our president has made it clear that if the state and local government fail to achieve the desired outcome not to worry, the feds will step in and assure justice prevails for the son he never had.

 And now for the press, it has been sometime since I have seen such a blatant attempt to sway public opinion to the desired outcome. No that's not true. I can say with all honesty I have never seen such a blatant attempt to sway public opinion.  They have since the beginning committed the sin of omission on a grand scale. They first identified Zimmerman as white , he's not. The national press never informed the public that they had witnesses to the incident until sometime later and only after it broke  on the blogs. They have altered photograph's of the man who was shot. They have largely confined their use of photo's to old out of date photo's of the man who was shot knowing full well there are more recent ones but they do not depict the young man as they, the press wish him to be seen. They failed to find out he was suspended for 10 days due to drugs being found on him. If you remember the 911 call Zimmerman said he thought the man was on drugs and was acting strangely. They reported the screams on the 911 call as belonging to the dead man when according to the police and witnesses it was Zimmerman who was screaming. They failed to report that both a witness and Zimmerman said it was the shooting victim who assaulted Zimmerman and this was collaborated by physical evidence collected and observed by the police on the scene . The press has reported that Zimmerman was a habitual caller to 911. Well it turns out he made 46 calls between Jan 1 of 2011 and up to the night of the shooting. That's about 1 every 10 days and most of those were to report open doors, windows and the like, only 9 were to report suspicious people. If I were so inclined I could make that many valid 911 calls just in my neighborhood in Wilkes Barre on a warm summer week end.

 I don't know what happened nor do the people calling for Zimmerman's head on a pike but I do know that there are enough questions that it is best to wait and see what an investigation brings. I also think we may have run out of time as the mobs are on the move and its likely to late to call them off. To Mr. Zimmerman pack your bags and make out your will because its even money and you pick it as to who is going to get you ...the feds or the crazies.

UPDATE...It seems Trayvon had been suspended not just once but 3 times over about 4 months ... once for having dope and a pipe ....once for having a bag full of woman's jewelery and what the school police officer described as burglar tools. The officer was searching Trayvon because the day before he had observed Trayvon on camera vandalising the school and while searching him to retrieve the items he had used to vandalise the school he discovered the jewelry and burglar tools and once for truancy. Zimmerman was concerned that Trayvon was acting strangely and may have been on drugs and that he was casing the homes in the area as he stated in 911 call.

Multiple suspensions paint complicated portrait of Trayvon Martin

UPDATE.... This doesn't really address any issues in the legal case but it does throw into question the presses portrayal of of Trayvon and of his attitude ....its a list of tweets going back months ....look at his handle

The Daily Caller obtains Trayvon Martin’s tweets

New Black Panther Party To Up Reward For Hispanic George Zimmerman To 1,000,000

UPDATE... The Riots Begin

No Justice! No Peace!… Trayvon Protesters Ransack Walgreens Store (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 11:49 AM

Do it for Trayvon!
High school students in Miami decieded to ransack the local Walgreens on the way to a Trayvon Martin rally. The students left the store when the vice principal ordered them out.
WSVN has video:

Local 10 reported:
North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday ransacking and shoplifting from a Walgreens store.


Mother Moves to Trademark Trayvon’s Name

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, March 26, 2012, 5:37 PM

UPDATE... Well we can lay to more memes from the mainstream media to rest and we owe them for the evidence. CBS posted a vid of Zimmerman being lead into the police station and in no time the liberals were all in a lather scream ... LOOK ....LOOK blood bruising ....well if you view the tape at about 42 seconds in you can see a police officer come around Zimmerman and look at the back of his head for 3 or 4 seconds. Another meme we can lay to rest is that Zimmerman is a hulking 250 lb brute ......if you look at the vid you can see Zimmerman is quite thin and is close in size to Trayvon Martin

H/T to Gateway Pundit and Legal Insurrection

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