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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hoisted On Their Own Petard

A little payback from time to time can be a good bit of fun. I don't know the players here and am making a WAG ( wild assed guess ) but I suspect that the folks who want this taught in public schools are liberals and by design or accidental genius someone decided that Yoga or perhaps this version has a religious base thus cannot be taught in public schools as we have been told by liberals for a very long time that there can be no God or at least no christian God within 1,608 feet or eye shot ( or which ever comes first )  of any of public school. Perhaps its 2 different groups of liberals cannibalizing each other. In any case, the worm has turned so to speak and it is likely that its the liberals turn to get beat with the lash they braided.

I'm not much of a God guy or at least I haven't been but I notice as I get older and at odd times over the course of my life and generally in times of moderate to extreme stress ( at the wheel of a 65 Chevy pick up right before a head on crash that I saw coming but had no where to run or hide or in mid flight off a 25 foot tall oil storage tank ....for example ) I have had conversations with all the deities I could quickly recall. These conversations generally went something like this ....hello God ....Jesus....Buddha ...Allah ....Hi this is Jim .... yea I know its been a while and I'm sorry about that .....Look I really hate to bother you but I have a situation developing here that I am pretty sure is really going to hurt  can you help me out. As a rule they have put the fix in and I managed to walk or hobble away from all of said incidents mostly with injuries that given time and the proper relief from our modern pharmaceutical industry I have manged to weather quite nicely. Lately I have had conversations that have been driven or fueled less and less by terror or gravity and more by age. I guess as one gets older and comes closer to meeting them in person you tend to be more willing to strike up these conversations or at least I am.

Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy describes a spiritual discipline or path that promotes harmony within the individual self, and creates connection with a greater universal Self or Reality.

Parents May Sue Over Yoga Lessons in Public Schools

Parents in a southern California community are considering legal action over the constitutionality of a form of yoga being taught to their children, which they claim is introducing religion into public schools.
Last month, half of the students attending classes in the Encinitas Union School District K-6 elementary schools in San Diego North County began taking Ashtanga (Sanskrit for "eight-limbed") yoga for 30 minutes twice per week. In January, the other half will begin the lessons.
Concerned parents have now retained constitutional first amendment attorney Dean Broyles, who says that Ashtanga yoga is a religious form of yoga, and that religious aspects have been introduced into the schools.
"The poses and positions are acknowledged by Ashtanga and Hindi yoga as forms of worship and prayers to Hindu deities," he told ABC News. "They have a spiritual and religious meaning behind them."

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