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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Support Walter Griffith

 Well It seems Walter is in a wee bit of trouble and my personal opinion is " so what ".  If the allegations turn out to be true to put it bluntly I really don't give a rats ass. Why ? Its pretty simple Walter took the fight to all the ticks, deadbeats, scam artists, entrenched go along to get along tax payer cheating bottom feeders and even in this instance ( if true ) was seeking to gore a few more of the right ox. In short he pissed off all the right people. I have described Walter  affectionately as having all the charm and grace of a Rhino with piles and having failed charm school..... several times. I didn't vote for him for his polish or ability to work and play well with others. I wanted the bull in the china closet take no prisoners approach and he didn't disappoint.   Some believe Walter spent to much time in front of the camera's. Well as we have seen here in Luzerne county the system was corrupt from top to bottom and the only place to be heard was in front of the camera's taking the case to the people of Luzerne county and it worked.   So Walter if you read this you have my support.

Wiretap suit stuns controller

‘That’s just not something I do,’ he says of secretly recording conversations.

Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith illegally recorded multiple conversations and supplied them to a grand jury investigating the Hotel Sterling’s nonprofit owner, CityVest, county District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said Monday.
CityVest board member Y. Judd Shoval filed a civil suit against Griffith in county court Monday over the wiretaps and privacy invasion, Salavantis said.
Salavantis said Griffith gave the grand jury recordings of Shoval, attorneys and others who were recorded without their knowledge or consent. She said she forwarded the investigation to the state Attorney General’s Office because it involves another elected county official.
Wiretap violations carry maximum sentences of seven years in prison for each illegal recording, she said.
Griffith denied any illegal recording.,251740

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