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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Solution To Gun Violence....Banish Democrats/Liberals/Progressives

I believe we have approached the gun issue from the wrong perspective. We have enacted law after law that restricts or inhibits all aspects of gun ownership, manufacture, transport and even in a very general sense who it is that can or cannot own guns all with limited success. Its time I believe for a radical new approach that strikes right at the heart of the problem and will affect those who it is who commit the overwhelming majority of both gun and non gun violence in this country.

 Conservatives often point out that guns don't kill, people kill and even most liberals agree with that statement but will qualify that with but " if there were no guns people won't kill ". If one accepts the fact that guns don't kill without the human side of the equation i.e. someone to pull the trigger and then accepts that gun bans or restrictions generally have not worked then all that's left is the human side of the equation. We have in the past attempted to limit those who could or could not own or posses a firearm, restricting felons.... the insane ....children. Perhaps its time to expand that process to include democrats/liberal/progressive .

  There is just no getting around the fact that most of our gun violence and violence in general is being committed by those groups which vote or support the democrat party. Ladies and gentleman I think its time we banish liberals/ democrats/progressives. I don't mean from gun ownership, I want an outright ban ....exile,banishment, as in old testament banishment. I think its the only solution that will in the end reduce the violence which has plagued this nation for decades. No lesser measure will work as they have shown time after time that a mere ban on guns will be subverted by those on the left by theft....straw purchases .....even using government agents to run their weapons across international borders to feed dopers in other nations to commit insane levels of mayhem and death. We here in the U.S. need only look to their communities to note that a great deal of the violence is fueled by the drug trade in inner city communities often spilling into the suburbs to kill children, old ladies, dogs postal employees, drug dealers, drug users, the blind, crippled and crazy. Its time ladies and gentleman for a sane common sense approach to violence, banish not the tool but those who use the tool ...BANISH THE DEMOCRAT/PROGRESSIVE/LIBERALS....  its for our children and our future.

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