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Saturday, January 5, 2013

More of Democrats Lying Cheating And Stealing To Win Elections

For months before the election the democrats and a large part of their Flying Monkeys horde were screaming in outrage over the voter I.D. laws that have been passed in several states in an effort to fight voter fraud the democrats insist does not happen. With obama as president they also co - opted the Dept of Justice to run interference for them in order to 1 - slow or stop the implantation of said laws... 2 - whip the 47 % into a frenzy with claims that these laws were motivated by racism .... -that 90 % of the old folks could not get to the proper place to get the proper I.D..... and they implied that their base was to stupid to figure out how to get an I.D.  I am willing to concede that most of their base are probably to stupid to figure it out but racism ....nah. This is the party that sees Klansman everywhere but their own party and racism in the word black hole so as far as I am concerned any determination to be made concerning racism should be left to adults. Now this for it on your nightly news as it made those programs on a regular basis before the election they might want to do the follow up and see how the furor is turning out. LOL just kidding folks might see it on Fox   I would also like to point out as you read the story who it was that decided to fight S.C. on this .... it wasn't career insiders it was obama's political appointies who made this choice. 

Federal Court: DOJ Must Reimburse South Carolina for Voter ID Folly

January 5th, 2013 - 9:28 am
A federal court has ruled that South Carolina was the prevailing party in the unnecessary Voter ID litigation, and therefore the Justice Department is liable for paying the state’s costs. South Carolina spent $3,500,000 to obtain federal court approval of the state’s Voter ID law as non-discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act. The lawsuit was made necessary only because of the political and ideological radicalism of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez and his deputy Matthew Colangelo.
PJ Media had this exclusive report detailing that career Voting Section employees, including Voting Section Chief Chris Herren, recommended that the Voter ID law be approved in the first place by DOJ after a careful written analysis inside the Voting Section.  Documents prepared by the career staff urged Perez and Colangelo to grant administrative approval to the South Carolina Voter ID law — but they refused. Their refusal was, in part, designed to energize a moribund political base heading into the 2012 election. The cost to the American taxpayers for their stunt will be significant

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