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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

F.B.I. Raiding Obama Supported Occupy Terrorists

I remember when the occupy movement started and thinking nothing good will come of this. Its not very often that hordes of the democrat/liberal/progressive crowd get together that anything good or productive comes from it and almost always winds up costing those of us who work money.  I was of course right. The obama/liberal/union supported deadbeats in the occupy movement have burned ...looted .... raped ..... murdered.... robbed and in general been highly destructive costly pests  in every community they decided to rear their unwashed dope addled heads, now this.

Northwest FBI Raids Target Occupy's 'Black Bloc'

31 Jul 201227post a comment

The FBI has performed multiple raidsof homes belonging to suspected anarchists in Portland, Oregon and in Olympia and Seattle, Washington. Five grand jury subpoenas have been issued in connection with the searches. Photos from a raid carried out in Portland show law enforcement seizing computers and boxes from a home. The raids appear to be part of an investigation into activities by the Occupy movement's "black bloc."

Occupy had big plans for the spring. Having mostly been rousted out of public parks by police last winter, the movement promised a big return on May 1st this year. But that promise quickly fizzled, in part because marches in several cities turned violent and further turned off local residents.
One of the places where May Day protests got out of hand was Seattle, where eight were arrested following a day of vandalism and confrontations with police. One witness described seeing anarchists at a Wells Fargo bank branch "throwing short-handled sledgehammers through the broken windows at the tellers."

H/T Breitbart

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