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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Its Ryan

The Warrior Wonk

Rasmussen: Ryan favorability 39/25, 52/29 among … seniors


I'll be adding to this over the course of the day. Obama and his Flying Monkey's have been touting Romney's supposed lack of a financial plan well the pick of Ryan solves that as well as several issues both sides have admitted are problems and need to be addressed but the democrats have refused to even discuss. The big one is Social Security which everyone admits is in trouble but the democrats only plan seems to be to insert head in sand and ignore the issue..... I think the contrast between obama/biden and R/R is going to be stark ...gloom, doom, misery and low ball or sunshine and light with real ideas rather than wishful thinking. Lets the games begin. 

Republican nominee Mitt Romney has made his V.P. choice and that choice is Congressman Paul Ryan, a interesting choice for the risk adverse Romney. Ryan has been a lightening rod for democrat attacks since his plan to reform Social Security was released. I like the choice, while obama and his Flying Monkey's are focused on matters of such national importance as Mitt's tax returns and his underware and lying their asses off about Bain. Romney and his group will be speaking of the more mundane matters as Social Security reform, our national debt and jobs. While joe biden is sticking his foot in his mouth in all 60 states ( no that is no an error, if you ask I'll explain it ) Ryan will be explaining how he and Romney will put out the fires that are burning the U.S. to the ground. While obama is on the stump telling us how much better things have become since he became president Romney and Ryan will be explaining how they will lead us out of the rabbit hole obama has led us down. So the choice will be between the man who ran the state of Massachusetts and ran it well, the man who built a multi billion dollar business and turned a profit for the Olympics and his V.P. choice who is perhaps the most informed and knowledgeable numbers guy on either side of the isle against the community organizer and joe biden. Not a difficult choice for me. Time for the children to step aside and let the adults clean up the sandbox.

Romney Rakes in Big Haul After Ryan Announcement

According to the Mitt Romney campaign, now the Romney-Ryan campaign, today could become a major fundraising maker. Within four hours of adding Rep. Paul Ryan to the ticket, the campaign reports bringing in more than $1.2 million dollars.
The Romney campaign has outraised the Obama campaign by tens of millions of dollars over the past three months. The Ryan pick seems to have kicked the campaign’s fundraising into overdrive.

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