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Monday, August 6, 2012

PA Education ... Added 1.2 Staff For Every Child Who Left Public Schools

I see the usual suspects berating Governor Corbett for not increasing public school spending. They claim we have to ... " For The Children " ...frankly that's bullshit. In my humble opinion its the unions and their Flying Monkeys who are beating this drum. They understand that without an increase in state spending on education every year they stand less of an chance to continue to receive barely restrained access to the public coffers .


PA Public School Staff Grows As Enrollment Declines

Despite stagnation in qualitative measures of school performance, cries for additional spending in public schools have not subsided. In fact, Gov. Rendell says he will continue to increase funding for school districts in the coming school year despite a ballooning state budget deficit. The governor is seeking passage of a 2010-11 budget that includes a $355 million boost to its basic education subsidy to districts.
One of the drivers of higher spending is an increase in staff sizes while enrollment has declined. Data from the PA Department of Education indicates that from 1999-2000 to 2008-09 the state has seen a 12 percent increase in public school staff and a 1 percent decline in enrollment. Pennsylvania schools added 17,345 professional staff and 15,582 support staff over this time, while enrollment declined by 26,960.
Some of the highest declines in student bodies occured in Allegheny and Philadelphia counties, as enrollment fell by 16,883 and 14,072 in each county, respectively.

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