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Friday, August 24, 2012

Suspected Rapist, Serial Abuser Of Woman, Known Liar, Disbarred Attorney And Cigar Aficionado To Keynote Democrat Convention

Well Republican Todd Akin has been pretty much drummed out of the Republican party for what he said but he should take heart as there is a path for redemption if he chooses to tread the path and can stand the company. The solution, become a democrat and given his history as a democrat he would likely soon find himself as a renown champion of women rights. How do I arrive at this conclusion you ask .... ted kennedy and billy jeff clinton. Billy jeff clinton is in fact a serial abuser of women, an alleged rapist, a known liar and a disbarred attorney. Granted with Todd Akin's miserly history of abusing women I suspect he could never became the Lion of the Senate as ted ( the swimmer ) kennedy or President as billy jeff clinton did. Akin just doesn't have the heft that either of those 2 did and do but if he was willing to continue his efforts and perhaps kill or rape a few women there seems to be no limit as to how far he could advance within the friendly confines of the democrat party. Take heart Congressman Akin all is not lost .... just lower your standards and commit a few felonies and you could find yourself running for the presidency of the United States or perhaps the keynote speaker at the next democrat nominating convention.

Levin Calls On Obama To Yank Bill Clinton As Keynote Speaker At Dem Convention


H/T Mark Levin


  1. You forgot: Former 2 term President of the United States of America, who happened to be at the helm during our nation's greatest era of fiscal prosperity.

  2. nah I didn't forget he was a 2 term president who never received 50 % of the vote in either of his elections and as far as your second point that is arguable