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Saturday, August 25, 2012

George Soros Got Robbed

Beautiful. MoveOn came up with the brilliant idea today to fly a banner over the Romney-Ryan rally.
There was only one slight little problem…

H/T Gateway Pundit


  1. Obviously the grammar is the result of a progressive education system.

    Here's a useless anecdote Aggie - I went back to school fifteen years ago while my wife worked two jobs and I worked part-time. We decided I would enter the field of computers in some capacity. I ended up getting an A.S. in Computer Information Systems that was more or less worthless for a forty-three year old without any hands on experience in the field. After a year of looking for work I ended up back in auto repair.

    But as a forty-three year old student I was amazed by how remedial the college courses were. They were covering material I had learned back in the sixties at a middle school level. Most of the students had no grasp of critical thinking, basic American history, Geography, or a decent command of the English language. Now I realize this was only at a community college level but many of these students were about to transfer to UCLA, USC, along with other major American universities. I was shocked at their ignorance.

    Kids today have no idea of the differences between conservative or progressive ideas or concepts. They vote for the guys who "got high" or based their choices on MTV voter drives and the ridiculous "boxers or briefs" questions. And I see examples on a daily basis of their spelling and grammar errors on various website commenting forums.

    That flying banner didn't surprise me at all. I saw it on HotAir or one of the other conservative sites and the caption was "what's wrong with this banner?". I spotted the grammar mistake immediately. It's a common mistake to use "then" in place of "than" but it's also indicative of what's happening with our failing education system.

    The interesting part I notice is progressives (Omama's campaign and supporters) seem to make far more of these errors. Is there a connection between politics and ignorance? I think so.

    1. and our educational system is run by liberals