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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The S.E.A.L.'S Do Not Support Obama

 I can not point out a starker difference than this. These are the men who killed OBL ...they are the rough men who have stood ready watching over us for decades. Asking for little they have fought, bled and died in places both known and unknown across the globe. They are men of honor, duty and country.  These men have achieved membership in perhaps the most elite well trained deadliest group of men the world has ever seen. They are our brothers our husbands and our sons and they do not support obama.

 When the democrats renominate obama I want you to watch carefully both who speaks for obama and what they stand for ....the difference will be shocking. You will see both men and women who represent special interests and it is and will be their interests which dominate the democrat convention. It will NOT  be what is best for the country, it will be about what is best for them and their narrow special interest groups. It will be unions, the  race baiters, gays and lesbians,the pro abortion crowd who see no other issue but that. None of these groups have the best interests of the United States as their primary concern. These groups are carrion birds looking to feed and that is all they are.  It will be these men and women who speak at the democrat convention and all will be asking whats in it for them.  As I said...  there cannot be a starker difference.

H/T Legal Insurrection for the vid

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