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Monday, January 2, 2012

Alan Colmes ....WTF

These are supposed to be the sensitive empathic ones and yet time after time they make some of the most heartless cruel and generally nasty comments I have ever seen. This one ranks in the top 5 most vile things I have seen uttered by anyone on either side of the political spectrum and that in this day and age is going some. Alan Colmes is a hard core Obama supporter and I think this is the tack Obama is going to take. He is going to take the high road while having his horde of flying monkeys do his dirty work for him. That being said if this is a example of whats to come, God help us.

Alan Colmes: Rick Santorum took dead baby home to 'play with it'

Liberal talk show host Alan Colmes sunk to new a new low when he said on Fox News that former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum took his deceased baby home to 'play with it.'

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