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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

There're Back....Return Of The Fleebaggers

  Most of the country missed it because their attention was diverted by the goings on in Wisconsin when the democrats in the Wisconsin state Senate ran away from home in an effort to stop the newly elected Republicans from trifling with their single largest source of funding, unions. Little noticed at the time was the Indiana House members who also ran away from home over much the same issue, unions and the ability of unions to force union membership on newly hired union shop employees. These Indiana House democrats fled the state for 5 weeks in 2011 to deny House Republicans a quorum thus preventing them from passing the bill. In order to conduct the business of the state and move other bills, the Republicans backed off and the democrats returned. Well the bill is back and Indiana's Republican leadership will again attempt to restrict the unions ability to force employees from having to join a union to gain employment and will make Indiana a right to work state.

 The House democrats claim that the bill which has been available for public viewing for more than a year needs public hearings to improve the public's understanding of the bill and its effects on Indiana citizens, this according to democrat House minority leader Bauer. I think Mr. Bauer like a good many democrats believe the people they represent are stupid or Bauer is blowing smoke with the stock party line or more likely he's hoping they are stupid enough to believe the stock party line. The citizens of Indiana watched the entire contingent of House democrats leave the state and run of to that haven of displaced democrat legislators, the failed state of Illinois. Their antics and the reason for these antics were in every media outlet in the state for weeks and for Bauer to make the claim that the citizens of the state of Indiana are unaware of the contents of and the effects of this bill is laughable. The democrats know full well that the effect of this bill will be to reduce forced union membership and thus union dues and thus union contributions to democrat elected officials. These unions contribute at rates of 90 to 100 % to only democrats, depending on the union. These unions have became the ATM machines of democrat party politics providing both money and bodies in an incestuous relationship where unions elect democrats to office then sit down across from these same democrats to dicker over the terms of their next contract. Who are these elected democrat officials and union members in negotiations against ? If public service employee's which are now the largest sector of union membership they are negotiating against the tax paying public, for that is who pays the wages and benefits of these public service employee's. The Indiana democrats after refusing to take to the floor of the House to conduct state business did find the time to meet behind closed doors with the head of Indiana AFL - CIO President Nancy Guyott. I wonder what her orders were.

Some of you will like this little Youtube vid of the Indiana Republicans poking fun at the fleebagging democrats. Below that a link to a story in local media on the issue.|topnews|text|

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