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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Union Flying Monkeys Hissy Fit

 Well here we go again, the unions in Indiana are once again kicking up a fuss because the state is attempting to pass a law that will end union slavery by making Indiana a right to work state. As it stands now if you are hired into a workplace that is represented by a union you can be forced to pay union dues even though you may choose not choose to join a union. Last year in Indiana at the same time the democrats in WI. ran away from home on orders from their union masters much the same thing happened in Indiana and for much the same reason. Democrats in Indiana ran away from home and fled to guessed it, the great state and home of wayward homeless democrats, Illinois. Well they are at it again and this time the unions have decided to disrupt the Super Bowl by calling in the horde of union flying monkeys with trucks and snarling traffic in and around the site of the Super Bowl. It is also union labor which is being used to construct much of the infrastructure needed for Super Bowl festivity's. Now I ask you, what could go wrong with this one. .....I don't know but am pretty sure that nothing good could come of it.....fingers crossed I'm right. Hell, what do I care the Steelers ain't in it . Anyway I hope the unions in an attempt to win friends go ahead with what ever sneaky underhanded scheme they have. I do have a question to any union member who may read this ....if unions are so good why is it you have to force people to join them ?

Unions see Super Bowl leverage in labor battle


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