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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Luzerne County Taxpayers Assume The Usual Position

 Well once again after reading a story in my local paper I felt the need for a cigarette.  This urge however was not accompanied by the usual post coital glow that has followed such activities in the past. Rather it was followed by a sense of being violated ....again or perhaps as usual. It seems the  democrats in the county in which I reside have once again somehow managed to figure out a new and novel way to lift the tax payers money and transfer it to their sticky little fingers. How did they achieve such a feat you ask ? Well, they over paid on a contract to a company we had hired to manage or improve or record keeping. I know your thinking, well it happens sometimes.Folks, they didn't overpay by a few % points. A error easily explained away with an bad accounting excuse.  No ladies and gentleman they over paid by close to 800 % . Nearly 1,000,000 on a contract that called for a mere 112,000. Yep they overspent by 856,000. It was almost like we had some little troll in some sub basement of the courthouse working overtime printing out checks. The sad part is that this will surprise no one here in Luzerne county as over the last 2 - 3 years we have sent more democrats to prison than an Occupy Wall Street encampment on a bad day.

Company overpaid $856,000

Audit of county’s records improvement fund also found violations of bidding regs.

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