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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Was There Ever Any Doubt ?

 Well as expected obama drove a another stake into energy production today and rejected the Keystone pipeline. His spokesman Jay Carney said it was for the children. We have more than 2 million miles of pipeline in this country now and this project had been under review for more than 3 years. Yet according to obama it needs further study. The simple truth is obama is dead set against any form of energy that does not come out of the backside of a unicorn or through a crony operated and run solar energy tax payer money pit. He has pretty much done what he could to stop drilling for oil , he is slowly killing coal, forget nuclear power since Japan, now he is moving to stop transportation of oil and gas already out of the ground. There is some dispute as to how many jobs this project would have created but there is no question it would have created jobs but for obama

CARNEY: Even prior to the signing of that legislation (extending payroll tax cut), the State Department, which again reviews this process, made clear that setting an arbitrary deadline through this purely political effort would put the State Department in a corner.
[It] would severely hamper their ability to review an alternate route and a new pipeline route in the proper way, a way that has long been established by precedent and that would take into consideration all the criteria that are so important in decisions like this. Economic impact, national security impact, environmental impact, the effect on the water that our children breathe — rather, the water our children drink and the air that they breathe.

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