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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Democrats Will Lie, Steal And Cheat To Win

 As most of us have come to understand there is no bar the democrats will not crawl under in order to win elections or change the results of an election they do not like, surpassing even the famed reptilian of song and stories ability to creep under even the lowest bar. They will vote the dead as recent events in S.C. have shown. They will run away from home if they lose an election as they did in both WI and Ind last year and again in Ind this year. They will illegally register and vote felons as they did in Mich to give obama's court jester Al Franken his victory. Obama trained and supported A.C.O.R.N had its operatives arrested, charged and convicted in several dozen states.They will station armed storm troopers at polling places as they did in Philly. They will use the NAACP and unions in these efforts as recent events in Mississippi and WI has shown. Well now it seems democrat officials will personally steal Republican elected officials I.D.'s,  use the stolen I'D. to make it appear as though this Republican was engaged in illegal behavior. Iowa law enforcement recently arrested Zachary Edwards a former obama operative.

H/T Powerline

Not Just A Democrat Dirty Trick, But A Crime

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