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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dead Democrats

Most of us know how broad based the democrat party is, union members, African Americans, Latinos, illegal aliens, and it seems in South Carolina the dead have been showing up at polling places across the state. While there has been no word which political party they favor history shows that the dead tend to overwhelmingly support democrats. If true this lends support to democrat claims that their voters have a much more difficult time getting to state offices to obtain state issued I.D. that will allow them to vote.

 This may well bolster the federal case recently filed against the state of South Carolina by Eric Holder's Justice Department who claim that the states new law requiring I.D. to vote is discriminatory. Perhaps Mr.Holder could point out in his argument that there will be extreme hardship imposed on these voters as in 2000 years only 1 other man has risen from the dead to walk among us thus lending credence as to the degree of difficulty these voters will face in exercising their right to vote.

South Carolina Attorney General: 900 Dead People Voted in Recent Elections (Video)

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