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Friday, January 27, 2012

Its Working In Walker's Wisconsin....The Unions Weep.

 If one wants an example of responsible governing one need to look no further than the State of Wisconsin. Since taking office Governor Walker has faced an unprecedented attack from left wing tax payer funded unions and hordes of like minded flying monkeys, led of course by our president obama. Soon after taking office Walker drove a stake into the heart of public service unions in the state with a host of reforms that targeted and reduced union influence and their ability to pick the pockets of Wisconsin citizens. The most egregious of these reforms in the unions opinion is that they can no longer compel new hires to join unions. That reduces union membership and more importantly UNION DUES which in turn reduces the unions ability to buy more democrat elected flying monkeys, which then reduces union influence, which then reduces their ability to purchase even more elected democrat flying monkeys, which further reduces union influence, which further .....well you get the idea. In short Walker has set the states public service unions on much the same flight path as the Famed Malaysian Concentric bird which is now extinct, killed off not by man or nature but due to its ability to fly only in ever tightening circles until it disappeared up its own rectum. This of course limited said bird's ability to breed. Public service unions in Wisconsin are following much the same flight path. The link below will take you to a host of stories that highlights Walkers success.

UPDATE....again, I'm not sure what happened here I posted an correction and it seems to have went POOF  ....I made a wee bit of a mistake when I said this " The most egregious of these reforms in the unions opinion is that they can no longer compel new hires to join unions " that was wrong as the unions see it the major problem is that the state will no longer act as a collection agency for union dues from government employees. The unions will have to reach out and squeeze dues from its members without state support. Its already had a negitive impact on unions as they have had to lay off 40% of its employees.

Video: Unhinged Lefties Heckle Scott Walker During Major Speech -- Plus: Walker Leads in Possible Recall Contest

There's so much good news to report out of Wisconsin, I don't know where to begin.  I suppose this is as good a place as any:

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