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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Democrat War Mongers

 Well once again I heard one of the liberals most enduring and favorite memes and once again I had the pleasure of gently pointing out that he was misinformed. How many of my fellow Republicans have sat and listened to or read some all aquiver liberal expound on the topic of Republican war mongering. I would wager most if not all have read or heard it. Well as with most liberal memes it is about 180 degrees from the truth.  Its only my opinion but it seems to me that this is fed and fueled in large part by Republicans desire to see a strong and well armed United States which often drives the liberal/progressive/democrat cabal insane as they see it as funding which does not go to support the welfare state. However, while it is true Republiicans may build the guns,bombs and bullets, it is the democrats who use them.

 The Civil War was began by democrats in the South upon the election of the very first Republican president. His name was Lincoln, some of you may have heard of him. Well with his election democrats in the south angry and afraid he would further curtail or remove their rights to own black men, women and children first left the union ( the very first fleebaggers ? ) then began the Civil War when they fired on a Union fort.

WW I.... a democrat president
WW II .... a democrat president
Korea .... a democrat president
Vietnam .... first troops in under truman and we went all in under democrats kennedy and johnston

 The only 2 times in history nuclear weapons were ever used against humans was by a democrat and they were used against civilian populations at that

I figure we had somewhere around 1.3 million dead American service men and women and untold tens of millions of civilian deaths under or because of democrats. Question many war dead under or because of Republican leadership. So like I said we Republicans may indeed build the guns, bombs and bullets but it is democrats who kill with them.  

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