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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Nanny State Lives

This is astounding folks ! The state has decided that a meal a parent packed was not up to the states standards and made the child take a school lunch then billed the parent for that lunch. Look at the lunch the parent sent.  I see school lunches every day, trust me they are not anything to brag on. This has Ms. obama's fingerprints all over it

NC preschooler’s “unhealthy” lunch replaced with cafeteria nuggets

RAEFORD, N.C. — A Hoke County preschooler was fed chicken nuggets for lunch because a state worker felt that her homemade lunch did not have enough nutritional value, according to a report by the Carolina Journal.

The West Hoke Elementary School student was in her More at Four classroom when a state agent who was inspecting lunch boxes decided that her packed lunch — which consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips — “did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines,” the Journal reports.

UPDATE: In an Eric Holder like display of ignorance " I KNOW NOTHING .... I SAW NOTHING " . ...everyone involved claims to have had no part in it ....anyone surprised ?

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