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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Or AKA Democrats

 It should come as no surprise to most that those places which have been run by and for liberals for decades are the absolute worst places in the nation to live. We have made note of the names of these cities in what ever worst place list they happen to be occupying at that time. The names of the cities may change from year to year and they may move up or down in the rankings but they remain much the same from year to year, depressingly so. ....Detroit, Flint, Chicago, St Louis, Newark, Cleveland, New Orleans, Gary. The one thing which does not change is that have been run by democrats for decades. The poster child for democrat polices has long been Detroit and with good reason. In 1960 the population of Detroit stood at close to 2 million and it was arguably the most well off city in the nation and for its size perhaps the world. Today its population has fallen to less than 750,000 and the city is considering bulldozing 1/3 of the city and turning it into farmland and year to year the city never falls out of the top 5 on the FBI's deadliest cities list. Detroit is the face of liberalism and its fate may be our fate if we continue on the path we now walk.

Miami named most miserable U.S. city

The rankings are based on factors including jobless rates, violent crime, foreclosures, income and property taxes, as well as considerations like weather, commute time and political corruption.
Reeling for decades from the decline of the U.S. auto industry, Michigan's troubled duo of Detroit and Flint registered at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, among the most miserable cities.
"Detroit and Flint are struggling," said Badenhausen. "Violent crime is highest in the country in Detroit; housing prices are down 55 percent. Detroit is closing schools and laying off policemen. In recent years they have been demolishing houses to change their city landscapes"

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