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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liberalism ....The End Result

Liberalism as a rule has no tether in reality. Liberals are fueled by outrage at the shape of the world we live in and insist that the rest of us should accompany them into fantasy land and as a rule have the privilege of paying for their ignorance. Man caused global warming, green energy, the effectiveness of welfare, everyone should own a home, a multi cultural society. It seems to me that all these liberal religious mantra's  ( yes they are religions ) just haven't worked out quite like they thought they would. But in liberal fantasy land it is excused because well ....they mean well, as if noble intent should excuse their stupidity. Some of the absolute craziest are the animal rights wing of the liberal/progressive/democrat cabal of the perpetually insanely outraged. When I read the story below and made note of the fact that she didn't want anyone under the age of 12 snuffed out I thought how damned decent of her ...for a liberal I mean.

Far Left Animal Rights Whackjob Paid Hitman to Murder Those Wearing Fur

H/T gatewaypundit

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