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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama And The Media That Doesn't Chirp

 There are a good many people who have watched the press reaction to and handling of obama with both amazement and amusement. The list of questionable ties and activities obama has  engaged in is a long one all of them conveniently ignored by the press. I honestly don't know if there is anything to the rumors, allegations and questions swirling around obama and that ladies and gentlemen is the point. Why is it I don't know ?

February 29, 2012

Some 'Splainin' to do in Chicago

By Lee Cary & Marty Watters

On February 27, a Chicagoland website, Illinois PayToPlay, cited the star witness in the Operation Gambit trials of the early '90s, Robert Cooley, as a primary source for the news that Daniel Frawley says he gave $400,000 in cash to Tony Rezko, who then passed it on to Barack Obama.

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