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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beware Noble Intent

It has been pointed out with such frequency that liberal policies fail that it amazes me that it continues to shock people when they do fail but for some reason it does. We can look around the country and in instance after instance of spectacular failure we usually don't have to look far to find the guilty. If we are speaking of the failure of states like California , Illinois, Rhode Island or a cities like Detroit, Washington D.C.,Newark or Harrisburg we speak of democrat failure. Their failure however is not just confined to just real estate. If one was to objectively look at the plight of African American's in the United States it would not be to much of a reach to suggest that the liberal welfare entitlement mentality and their cult of victimization has brought African American's in the U.S to their collective knees. The story below with link highlights in stark detail just how massive and costly that failure has been to them and our society as a whole. Since the event of LBJ'S Great Society we have spent 16 trillion of the nation treasure, to what purpose? By any objective standard the ideology and programs which sprang forth as a result of that concept has proven to be huge, costly and even deadly failures. And yet, while the evidence of the failure of these programs fill our prisons, our morgues, our rehabs, but not our schools or universities even questioning the wisdom of these policies and programs will earn one the label RACIST.Well folks, I don't care what they say but I am pretty sure the emperor is indeed naked. The moral of the story is pretty simple beware a liberal with noble intent, nothing good will come of it.

'Alarming' new test-score gap discovered in Seattle schools

Seattle Times education reporter

African-American students whose primary language is English perform significantly worse in math and reading than black students who speak another language at home — typically immigrants or refugees — according to new numbers released by Seattle Public Schools

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