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Monday, December 5, 2011

Liberal Grinch's ...a pox on all their houses

Well its that time of year again, frost in the air, colored lights, sales and Santa. With those you know sure as hell, without fail, the season also brings the return of the liberal Grinch's who hate Christmas. It never fails, there're like heartburn or foot itch as soon as the weather turns cold they pop out like Jack in the Box's with a bad attitude and a hate for all things Christmas ....Christmas trees ...they hate them ....Christmas decorations ....they hate them. They hate the word Christmas, Christmas cards ... lights.....candy canes. In fact I am convinced that seeing Rudolph tied to the hood of one of their Prius. might be the only time they would agree with hunting. The mere sight of a baby Jesus can drive legions of them insane.  Below is one of their latest efforts

School district bans Christmas

Principals told to enforce school policy

N.Y. (FOX/WROC) - A New York school district is taking the merry out of Christmas. The Batavia City School District has asked principals to enforce a policy banning Christmas and Hanukah decorations in classrooms.

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