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Monday, December 12, 2011

What Goes Around ...Comes Around Or Elections Have Consequences

 Well they finished their redistricting efforts in Harrisburg and as expected there is outrage from the left and screams of " UNFAIR ". I do what I usually do when some liberal/democrat/progressive starts yelling about fairness concerning the election process on any level..... I laughed. I have long held the belief that democrats want fair elections as much as I want genital warts. Without looking up the exact numbers I think pretty close to 10 % - 15 % of the entire congress is quite openly gerrymandered to hell and gone and for democrats and in an especially neat trick the courts agree that we should discriminate to fight discrimination ..... If you think I'm wrong explain to me the Congressional Black Caucus ( 43 seats ) . One of my hobbies in the past had been the study of democrat Congressional Black Caucus district shapes. One of my absolute all time favorites was NC - 12 which for great distances was no wider than interstate 85 and ran for more than 100 miles along that interstate to give a largely black ( 66 % ) district to Rep Melvin Watt.   In any case someone said not long ago and I quote " Elections Have Consequences " meaning to the victors goes the spoils, well we won.

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State legislative redistricting plan passes 4-1

By Andrew M. Seder

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