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Monday, December 19, 2011

Immigration Enforcement Works...Who da Thunk It

It seems that in Alabama a liberal canard is being put to rest once again. All of us have heard it goes something like this ..." They are just doing the jobs we won't do "...Well it seems that like most liberal theories, that is all it was, a theory. Alabama finds itself in the enviable position of seeing a sharp drop in its unemployment rate. In June of this year Alabama passed a anti ILLEGAL ALIEN law that has been deemed the toughest in the nation. The Alabama law took affect in Sept of this year and since taking affect the states unemployment rate has fallen from 9.8 % in Sept to 8.7 % today. In some counties within the state the fall has been even more dramatic falling from close to 10 % to 6.9 % today. Well as one might expect the obama administration has began a push to overturn the Alabama law as it has done in several other states ( New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona ) The Justice Department has filed suit in Federal court to halt enforcement of Alabama's new law claiming it infringes on Federal jurisdiction concerning immigration, The Justice Department position is that it is solely the purview of the Federal government to enforce immigration laws or as we have all to often seen ....not enforce immigration laws and often seeming to go out of their way to ignore immigration violations. And it creates jobs which oddly seems to be to obama like Kryptonite is to Superman something to be avoided at all costs.  

Alabama jobless rate falls amid immigration reform

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