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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Stench ....Same As The Old Stench

Its not often you see a group proudly proclaim to the world  WE ARE STINKERS  but by God they did just that at Pittston area. The Pittston area school district repealed its anti nepotism policy after just 11 short months, I have to assume the strain was just to much for them. Its hard to pretend to be something your not and I guess the school board members decided to stop fighting it ... * SHRUG *...  To Thine Own Self Be True and they are. Most residents of Luzerne county just assume our elected officials have their hands in someone's pocket looking for loose change and as the events of the last several years have shown we're generally correct in that assumption. The depth and breath of corruption in Luzerne county specifically and the region generally is truly mind boggling, judges, county commissioners, state reps , school board members, business men. I know that nepotism is not illegal nor is it corruption but its close enough to being a duck to call it a duck, so a duck it is my humble opinion.

 The county had recently announced that Republicans are gaining ground on the democrats in voter registration in the county. When I saw that I laughed as I suspected in wasn't so much that we had gained ground as it was the feds had sent so many democrats to prison thus leaving them unable to register to vote or to vote.The point being you simply cannot have one party in sole control of the government apparatus or you wind up with what we have had in the county. I have not looked at the make up of the Pittston area board to see if it is democrat or Republican or even if it has any Republicans on it ....didn't figure I needed to. Elected Republicans in Luzerne county are a lot like Unicorns ....pretty thin on the ground. You hear about them but they are seldom seen in these parts. Every once in awhile you have to flush the toilet folks and we are long past that time here in Luzerne county.  In any case it won't be long before we have a hire in Pittston area that has the same last name as a school board member who quite naturally will be the most qualified and of course the school board member with the same last name of the prospective hire will abstain from voting for the prospective hire....just to avoid any appearance of impropriety ....* GRIN *

December 9

Two steps back in Pittston Area

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  1. The worst possible decision at the worst possible time.