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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Put Up Or Shut Up Harry

 Well I have been following the tiff over the payroll tax renewal in Congress. The Republicans apparently will send a bill to the senate that, as with a good many bills the Republicans have sent will be DOA and will join the growing stack of bills in Harry's desk drawer. What is it Harry does not like you ask ....well, in the bill the Republicans will send up are provisions which will allow the XL pipeline to be built from Canada to Texas. It also will renew unemployment benefits but limits then to just over 1 year at 59 weeks and includes the Doc fix which will prevent the 27.4 % Medicare reimbursement cut to Doctors due to take affect on Jan 1,.

 The pipeline will create 10's of thousands of jobs and bring much needed oil to the U.S. and if not approved Canada will build the pipeline but will build it to their West coast supply China. Personally it seems like a no brainer which I thought most democrats in Congress having met at least the minimum standard of having said organ would have got it but as usual, I over estimated them ....again. I suspect the reduction of unemployment benefits from close to 2 years to just over a year troubles them as well and the Doc fix would likely have been approved by democrats in any case but because its attached to this bill it seems a good many elderly may well lose their Doctors next year. They tell us all the time how they are all about jobs and the middle class well Harry, here's your chance ...put up or shut up.

Pipeline showdown escalates payroll tax cut fight

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