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Thursday, September 20, 2012

300 Plus Mexican Citizens And 1 American Law Enforcement Official Dead ....Those Responsible Will Be .....Sanctioned

Ya got to love it ....they are basically admitting they screwed up. With that admission they are also coping to all the deaths attributed to these guns. The report of course lays no blame at holders feet but it can't help but make the case this man needs to be a very junior attorney in a very small law firm in Butte. Let the lawsuits begin

DOJ F&F probe: “Pattern of serious failures,” 14 employees up for… sanctions

The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice has released a long-awaited 400 page report on their investigative findings concerning deadly gunwalking operation Fast & Furious, in which thousands of untraceable firearms were actively allowed to make their way into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels. Try to contain your surprise if you can, but it seems that this internal probe of the DOJ, by the DOJ, while condemning the irresponsibility of certain players in the sternest terms, found “no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder was informed about Operation Fast and Furious, or learned about the tactics employed by ATF in the investigation.” But, of course, some heads had to roll, via the WSJ:

A Justice Department watchdog recommended that 14 employees be reviewed for possible sanctions in light of a “pattern of serious failures” at the department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives…
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released the more than 400-page report Wednesday, the most extensive review of the actions by federal officials in Arizona and Washington that led to the scandal.
Among his findings, he said that Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t aware of the tactics being used in the operation until early 2011…
Mr. Horowitz faulted officials for “failure to adequately consider the risk to the public safety in the United States and Mexico.”
At least one DOJ official has already resigned, via Fox News:

Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, is resigning in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general report on Fast and Furious. The report essentially concludes that he is the most senior department official who was in a position to stop Fast and Furious.

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  1. And all it took was nearly two year for them to admit to what everyone (including the Man In The Moon) knew. Then again maybe "admit" is a poor choice of words. It was dragged out of them kicking and screaming by Issa.

    And as some lying cabinet level fall-guy is tossed out as a crumb to the masses or allowed to retire (on a full pension) things remain the same and the lying POS Eric Holder still clings to power. Will things ever change in Politics?