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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hear Ye .... Hear Ye ....Come One ....Come All And Bring Your Best Chili

Well its that time of year again and time we gird our loins for the Republican 6'th District Chili cook off. This will be the third annual and so far Jim O" Meara's lovely wife won the first year and I won the second. I narrowly lost the first by 47 votes and it was suggested at that time that the lovely Mrs. O'Meara had won due to the fact that there seems to have been have been a O'Meara family reunion at the time and 62 of the lovely Mrs. O'Meara's family members had rode the bus in from New Jersey and attended our Chili cook off. I am here to state that is completely untrue ....there were only 48 family members on that bus. Oddly enough I didn't notice any of the lovely Mrs. O'Meara's relatives last year but I am reliably informed that at least 2 of the Lovely Mrs. O' Meara's relatives from Chicago will be in attendance this year  Guido ( the limp ) O'Meara and Sonny ( I know where Hoffa is stashed ) O'Meara. I of course look forward to meeting more of the lovely Mrs. O'Meara's family members who are always such a delightful group of people.

P.S ...rumor has it more than a few elected and those hoping for elected office will be there

WHERE... Mulligan's Irish Pub 41 South Main Wilkes Barre

WHEN ....Sunday Sept 23'rd 4 - 7 P.M.

WHAT ....there is a $ 12:00 donation 10:00 if wearing football attire and you need not bring a pot of Chili but it would be nice if you brought something to sweeten the pot as it were. With all the food being brought none will be going home hungry and if you can bring some Tupperware to take some home


  1. Her uncle Paulie is coming in from New Jersey. He can't wait to meet you. He's bringing her cousins Salvatore (Sal the Knife) & Luigi "No Neck" Cappellini. They can't wait to meet you either. Wear a Kevlar apron.

  2. Well I am glad to hear Paulie made parole .... this time

  3. Replies
    1. yep although I'm not sure what it would consist of but I have never been disappointed with polish food so by all means what ever it is bring it ....