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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama's Arab Spring

Reports are beginning to surface that there was no security at our Libyan embassy and they knew and reported they were being watched. Yesterday was 9-11 and we had no security in a muslim nation but security was on alert here in the U.S.  4 dead and 1/2  dozen hurt and obama supported this with money and military. Reports have also come out that security forces of Libya handed over our Ambassador to these terrorists or pointed out where it was he was hiding. Oh and as a by the way Romney nor anyone else was aware of the deaths as they had not been reported according to the time line I have seen. But of course the press is far more concerned with Romney's statement than obama's failure but given the state of the media in this country it comes as no surprise.

UPDATE.....Exclusive: No Record of Intel Briefings for Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks
According to a recent study by the Government Accountability Institute, Mr. Obama has only attended 43.8 percent of his Presidential Daily Briefs in the first 1,225 days of his Administration.
The White House responded by claiming that President Obama reads daily intelligence reports, even if he does not attend the briefings personally.

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